20 Quotes About Ohio That'll Make Ohioans Proud

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20 Quotes About Ohio That Prove It's the Best State Around

Only someone born and raised in Ohio knows how truly incredible it is.

There really is no other state like it, which makes it easy to express your love of the Buckeye State to everyone you meet. It's also known as the Mother of Presidents, so you should be proud to be from Ohio.

In case you need a few more reasons to love your hometown, these quotes about Ohio will fill your heart with joy over how amazing the state is.

We could go on and on, but enough already. Read through the best Ohio quotes around to put a smile on your face and give a boost to your ego!

Quotes About Ohio

  • "I'm just a lucky slob from Ohio who happened to be in the right place at the right time." -Clark Gable

  • "Ohio girls have that inner glow that makes them more beautiful than any other girl." -Unknown

  • "In Northeast Ohio, nothing is given. Everything is earned. You work for what you have." -LeBron James

  • "I'm so Souther Ohio. And Cleveland is a different world, you know?" -Luke Grimes

  • "If I were giving a young man advice as to how he might succeed in life, I would say to him, pick out a good father and mother, and begin life in Ohio." -Wilbur Wright

Famous Quotes About Ohio

  • "Akron, Ohio is my home. It will always be remembered. Akron, Ohio is my life." -LeBron James

  • "The Ohio State University has a rich—if quiet—heritage of the arts." -Gordon Gee

  • "East Coast style + Midwest charm = Ohio girl." -Unknown

  • "They are all fighters and won't give up. That is what makes Ohio State so good." -Amy Orlando

  • "Ohio State created me. They created what they suspended." -Maurice Clarett

Funny Quotes About Ohio

  • "Saturday night in Toledo, Ohio is like being nowhere at all. All through the day how the hours rush by, you sit in the park and you watch the grass die." -John Denver

  • "If you don't like the weather in Southern Ohio, just wait 15 minutes." -R. Alan Woods

  • "He could think of the world beyond Akron, which wasn't such a bad place but was, you know, Akron." -Stephen King

  • "Ohio is a scale model of the entire country, jammed into 43,000 square miles. Cleveland views itself as the intellectual East (its citizens believe they have a rivalry with Boston and unironically classify the banks of Lake Erie as the North Coast). Cincinnati is the actual South (they fly Confederate flags and eat weird food). Dayton is the Midwest. Toledo is Pittsburgh, before Pittsburgh was nice. Columbus is a low-altitude Denver, minus the New World Order airport. Ohio experiences all possible US weather, sometimes simultaneously." -Chuck Klosterman

  • "Profit is not a dirty word in Ohio." -James Allen Rhodes

Best Quotes About Ohio

  • " I'm not shy about the love I have for this great state. To bring now a national title to the great state of Ohio, it's almost surreal." -Urban Meyer

  • "We don't have cell phones; we're from Ohio!" -3rd Rock From the Sun

  • "I think my longevity has a lot to do with where I come from—a blue-collar town in Ohio—and how I was raised: to work hard and respect other folks." -Robert Urich

  • "Ordinarily, anyone in Columbus who wants to take a fling at haute cuisine goes to Cincinnati." -Calvin Trillin

  • "Who would ever have thought that a butcher boy from Youngstown, Ohio, would end up with 24 million smackers in his pocket?" -Jack L. Warner

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