10 Safest Positions for Orgasmic Pregnancy Sex

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Yes, you can have sex while you're pregnant.

These Are the Safest Pregnancy Sex Positions Around

Being pregnant doesn't always lower your sex drive.

It might for some women, but others are ready to get it on with their partner whenever and wherever they can. We're guessing you're the latter, seeing as you wound up here.

While you can still have sex when you're pregnant, you can't get into the same positions you were once able to contort your body into. That being said, there are still a handful of positions that work for pregnancy sex.

Scroll below for the safest pregnancy sex positions around that any pregnant woman can get into!

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The spoon is especially perfect for women who are farther along in their pregnancy, so your belly won't get in the way of your love making. For this position, one partner will lay facing the other's back and penetrate them from behind. As an added pleasure bonus, be sure to play with the clit. That'll get you off faster than you'd expect.

Woman on Top

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Everyone loves the classic woman on top position. When your pregnant, it's especially more appealing. You get to be the one who sets the pace and decides which angle works best for you. So don't be afraid to play around and get comfortable.

Reverse Cowgirl

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Another woman on top position option that works for pregnant woman who love taking charge is the reverse cowgirl. Rather than being on top and facing your partner, your back will be to them. Offering a different penetration sensation, this position is best for your first and second trimesters.

Doggy Style

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A position many couples find enjoyable, it still works for pregnancy sex. Along with helping keep pressure off the belly, it feels amazing for both partners. Be careful your partner doesn't go too deep when it comes to penetrating you, however.


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Stand facing a wall and have your partner enter you from behind. It's important they also cradle your waist, so as to help keep you both stable during penetration. This is usually more enjoyable in your first or second trimesters, but also works as your belly continues to grow.

On the Edge

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A slight twist on the missionary position, lay face up on the edge of your bed while your partner is on their knees in front of you. Make sure you both are stable in your position before you let the penetration begin. It's a more intimate position than most, but your belly won't get in the way.

Seated Chair

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In the later trimesters of your pregnancy, missionary sex can get pretty uncomfortable. It's not great on your back, making your sexy time fairly limited. Having sex in a seated position while facing your partner, usually in a chair, is the perfect sex position to replace missionary. You'll feel a close connection to your partner, but not at all uncomfortable.

Bathtub Sex

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Shower sex isn't impossible when you're pregnant, but it can get pretty tricky. Bathtub sex, however, is prefect for pregnancy sex no matter the trimester. It'll help you feel buoyant and as if any position is achievable, even with your big belly.

Toy Time

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This isn't necessarily a position, so much as a reminder to use sex toys in the bedroom no matter what position you're in. Whether you're laying down or standing up, there are a variety of sex toys that are safe to use no matter how pregnant you are. So use them!

Oral Sex

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Are you still not entirely comfortable with the thought of partaking in penetrative sex? Oral is always an option. Lay on your back, or whatever position is comfortable for you, and let your partner go down on you until you get off. You can return the favor if you so please, but don't feel any pressure to do so.

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