Inspiring Pregnancy After 40 Success Stories

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Pregnancy after 40 isn't impossible.

Getting pregnant after 40 is tough.

It's not as easy to get pregnant once you hit that age, compared to if you were in your 30s or 40s, and the risks only become more severe from there. You're more likely to experience miscarriages, placenta praevia, high blood pressure, or gestational diabetes.

That being said, this doesn't apply to every woman over the age of 40, nor should it scare you if you're already pregnant. Plenty of women have had successful pregnancies over the age, and we're here to share them with you to put your mind at ease.

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Donna Sonkin Shaw

Donna Sonkin Shaw hat a baby at 43, which isn't always easy. She shares her struggles of infertility, miscarriage, and doctors advising her against pregnant. She bears it all in this video and will inspire anyone who wants a baby after 40.

Reigna Celeste

Yogi Reigna Celeste has four kids, but that doesn't make pregnancy any easier—especially after 40. In this video, she shares her ups and downs, along with plenty of tips and tricks for moms over the age of 40.

Charlene Lincoln

A licensed acupuncturist, Charlene Lincoln discusses how she got pregnant the natural way in her heartfelt video. She shares the struggles she had carrying a healthy baby to term and lists what she did to do just that in the video below.

Tess Morten

On This Morning, Tess Morten shares her struggles of getting pregnant with the world. She experienced early menopause and two failed round of IVF before finally getting pregnant at 47. Listen to her experience below!

Mama Dee

South African Mama Dee reveals how she got pregnant after 40 and after having tubal ligation. After having her first and second child not too far apart, she's ready for another baby. Listen to her story below.

Beryl Dingemans

Author Beryl Dingemans details her entire fertility story up until she had a healthy baby at the age of 40. It wasn't an easy experience, but she has plenty of tips for expecting mothers and women who want to get pregnant.

Aimee Raupp

Women's health and fertility expert Aimee Raupp shares what she did to optimize her health after getting pregnant at 40. Have a notepad and pencil near by, because you'll definitely want to take notes.

Compassion Astra

After five years of fertility treatments and six IVF cycles, YouTuber Compassion Astra was finally pregnant at 40. Hear all about her journey below.

Dr. Stuart Fischbein

Not a success story, but matchmaker Marla Martenson chatted with Dr. Stuart Fischbein about the myths, challenges, and possibilities of pregnancy over 40 in this video. Below, Dr. Fishbein breaks down the facts and fiction surrounding getting pregnant over 40.

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