15 Most Emotional Quotes From FX's 'Pose'

Angel Evangelista in a princess gown during a ball in a scene from 'Pose'
Pose via FX

"She doesn't get to dictate my reality. I do."

Embrace Your Truest Self With the Help of These Pose Quotes

If you're not watching Pose on FX, you're not living your best life.

Set during the height of ball culture in the late '80s and early '90s, this show is monumental in more ways than one. Featuring one of the most inclusive casts and crews of any LGBTQIA+ show ever, Pose is a big deal.

Now in its second season, we have even more to look forward to from the beloved characters who aren't afraid to be who they are.

If you need a little help showing your true colors, these empowering quotes from the show will help you do just that!

Best Pose Quotes

  • "She doesn't get to dictate my reality. I do." -Candy

  • "How lucky are we? We create ourselves." -Lulu

  • "You got a lot to hate yourself for, but needing help ain't one of them." -Blanca

  • "You think I just woke up one day and poof, I look like this? No. It takes work, drive, sacrifice to be a woman." -Elektra

  • "They'll never know that feeling what it's like to love without worrying that you're gonna die, or worse yet, that you're gonna kill somebody. I don't know what's shittier having that freedom taken away or never having had it to begin with." -Pray Tell

Empowering Pose Quotes

  • "I look too good not to be seen." -Elektra

  • "Life comes for all of us. And it comes hardest for the ones who think they're above it all." -Blanca

  • "A house is much more than a home. It's family. And every family needs a mother who is affirming, caring, loyal, and inspiring." -Pray Tell

  • "You have to shine so bright out there that they can't deny you." -Blanca

  • "There is nothing more tragic than a sad queen." -Pray Tell

Inspiring Pose Quotes

  • "You can't shade something that's shining so bright." -Candy

  • "Lies are a form of disrespect." -Blanca

  • "You know, that's the burden of having a parent. They haven't a clue what they're doing and every mistake they make chips away at us. As we get older, we got to glue the pieces back together and we can blame them, but here's the thing: They're human. They make mistakes." -Pray Tell

  • "I'm not looking to be somebody's plaything. I want romance. I want to fall in love. I deserve that. Not some bumped up boy toy." -Blanca

  • "Notice what it's all about. Being able to fit into the straight, white world and embody the American dream. We don't have access to that dream, and it's not because of ability, trust me. I mean… isn't that what you're trying to do? Dance your way into that world? The world of acceptability? " -Blanca

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