Memes Every Parent Needs to Send to Their Kids

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When they say they brushed their teeth, but you know they're lying...

Best Memes to Send Your Kids

Memes are the single greatest thing to ever come from the internet.

You may not entirely understand them, but your kids sure do. So if you want to prove you're a "cool" parent, why not send them some that you'll find relatable? Don't worry about finding them, because we did the dirty work for you.

Keep scrolling to check 'em out!

When your kid gets sassy with you:

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When you're tired of them interrupting you all the time:

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When they have a problem being secretive:

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When you want to let them know why they can't sleep in your bed anymore:

When they want to be involved in everything, but you want to make sure they're aware of all the pain it causes you:

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When you're sick of the amount of toys they have:

When you can't help but get excited over the prospect of them moving out:

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When you know being an adult is way more of a struggle than kids think:

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When you're tired of their friends always being over at your place:

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When getting them to fall asleep seems literally impossible:

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When they didn't want anything to eat 30 seconds ago, but now they do:

When you want them to know when they're allowed to wake you up in the morning:

When all you want is two minutes of peace and quiet:

When you're straight up done with them:

When you know they didn't brush their teeth:

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