Moon Juice Sex Dust Review: How It Made Me More Creative

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But does it work?

Using Sex Dust Made Me More Creative (and Less Horny) Than I Was Expecting

Like a true millennial, I am a sucker for great packaging and a product that'll help me achieve all my hopes and dreams the natural way.

Once such company that has always piqued my interest by checking those boxes is Moon Juice, a holistic lifestyle brand based in sunny Los Angeles, California.

I've known about them for a few years and have listened to countless friends and colleagues boast about their magical line of products. So, as any great journalist would do, I reached out to Moon Juice to see if they'd send me a sample of one of their most talked about items—Sex Dust.

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What Is Moon Juice?

Founded by sustainable lifestyle leader Amanda Chantal Bacon, Moon Juice "is the resource for plant-sourced alchemy to nourish and elevate body, beauty, and consciousness." Simply put, they create healthy products that work as natural remedies, daily nourishment, and so much more. Bacon founded it with the intention of opening people up to a new way of life, one that is filled with goodness and beauty the natural way.

This holistic lifestyle brand is even a favorite among Goop's very own Gwyneth Paltrow.

With three retail locations in Los Angeles, Moon Juice is fairly popular among the scene. Many turn to it for their snacks, kits, dusts, and more.

What Is Sex Dust?

Moon Juice is well known for their selection of dusts, which do not contain dust in any way shape or form. They're a herbal supplement filled with a blend of adaptogenic superherbs that work to stimulate your mind, body, and soul.

Sex Dust in particular features shatavari and works to combat the effects of stress to make you more creative both in and out of the bedroom. The full list of ingredients includes cocoa powder, shilajit extract, epimedium (horny goat weed) leaf extract, shatavari root powder, maca root extract, schisandra berry powder, and stevia leaf extract. An added bonus? It's vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, and doesn't contain any fillers.

It's recommended to add a teaspoon to coffee, tea, milk, water, or smoothies. Moon Juice even provides a few recipes you can work Sex Dust into, including Deep Chocolate Sex Coffee and Sex Dust Bark.

My Moon Juice Sex Dust Review

I was both nervous and excited to give Sex Dust a go when I first received the canister.

I didn't entirely expect a lot to come from using it, but was surprised when it actually delivered more than I thought it would. I figured it would turn me into this horny monster, but it did not. Instead, it gave me all the energy I needed to get me through the day and even boosted my creativity, which I found more than helpful due to all the problems I had to solve (both personally and professionally) last week.

I want to first start off by saying that many online reviews noted it didn't taste all that great. But when it has dust in the product name, are we supposed to be surprised by the fact it's not a sugary sweet concoction? Maybe my coffee was strong enough to minimize the taste, but I wouldn't compare it to swallowing dirt. Though the smell wasn't that great, it drinking it in my coffee wasn't entirely horrible.

Again, I figured the horny goat weed element of this supplement would cause me to want to hump something the minute I tried it, but it didn't. I was just as horny, maybe even less, as I was before I started drinking Sex Dust.

I will note that it really did help me remain calm in stressful situations, which is not what I had anticipated happening. Things in my life have been more stressful for no real reason, but ingesting the dust helped me sweep the stress I was feeling under the rug. It didn't get rid of it, but I've been better able to manage it.

Above all else, Sex Dust made me feel so much more creative. I've been in a lull in that department for quite some time, but I've forced myself to power through and turn out content at work and home to keep my creative juices working. Doing so was like pulling teeth and I could feel every bit of my creativity dwindling the more I tried to push for it. When I added Sex Dust to my daily routine, I noticed I didn't feel so drained. I still had to push myself a bit, but I didn't feel like I was pulling from a reserved bit of creativity to only use in case of emergencies.

As far as it making me more creative in the bedroom, I've always been an adventurous spirit, so there wasn't much of a difference. I did decide to purchase weed lube, but have yet to try it out. More on that to come.

If you'd like to try Sex Dust for yourself, you can purchase some from Moon Juice here.

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