7 Missionary Sex Position Variations to Try Tonight

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Yes, missionary can be exciting.

Spice Up Your Sex Life With These 7 Missionary Sex Position Variations

Ah, good ol' missionary.

It's a sex position many of us know all too well. While it's not the worst (in our eyes, that honor belongs to 69), it's not the best. It's fairly boring and bland, not allowing for much exploration or adventurous play.

It gets the job done, but at what cost to your sex life? If you're ready to spice things up, but not quite prepared to try anything too drastic, we've got just the thing for you.

Scroll below for seven missionary sex position variations that'll add some much-needed zest back into your sex life. It all starts here!

Missionary With a Pillow

Adding a pillow underneath the lower back of the partner who's laying down will allow for an even deeper level of penetration. Not to mention, you don't have to venture too far outside of what already feels comfortable to you with this slight adjustment on the go-to position. Plus, it'll only add an extra level of comfort with a pillow propped up beneath you.

Legs Up

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Rather than having your legs lay on the bed, you'll prop them up on your partner. You can do this before or after they enter you, but know that you'll get a different feeling depending on how you go about executing this position. And if you cross your legs in front of him, expect an even more enjoyable sensation.

Legs Wrapped Around

If sticking your legs straight up in the air isn't quite something your body can do anymore, then the wrapped missionary sex position is perfect for you. All you do is wrap your legs around your partner as they penetrate you deeper than ever.

On the Edge

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With missionary, both partners are usually laying comfortably on the bed. With the on the edge position, your partner will be standing up or kneeling and your legs will be hanging off the bed (or whatever surface you prefer to get it on... on). You can even change up the position of your legs to unlock various levels of penetration.

Hang Loose

Though this sounds like you need to know how to surf, this sex position is pretty easy to pull off. It's similar to the on the edge position, except that this time your head hangs off the edge of the bed. The rush of blood makes for a heightened orgasmic experience.


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We know what you're thinking; no, this position doesn't involve a sandwich in any way shape or form... unless you count your form in the bedroom. Instead of having your legs propped up against your partner, you'll pull them closer towards you with your knees bent. You do have to be somewhat flexible to pull this off, so it might take a few tries to get this position just right.

Anal Missionary

This one is a bit of a stretch compared to all the other positions on this list, but still one worth giving a shot to spice up your sex life. We don't feel as though we have to explain this position as thoroughly as the rest, seeing as it's fairly self-explanatory, so we'll note that you're doing anal instead of normal penetration. Why this works best for dipping your toe into anal is that it gives you both more control to dictate how fast or slow you go. Anal isn't for everyone, but you won't know that unless you give it a shot.

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