7 Magical Items That'll Help You Survive Mercury Retrograde

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Protect yourself!

Get Through Mercury Retrograde in One Piece With Help From These Magical Items

Does everything feel a little off as of late?

Are you finding it difficult to communicate with others? Is your technology of the fritz? Do you feel all out of whack for reasons you can't explain?

It's not you, it's Mercury retrograde. Yep, it's back. And this time, it's causing more trouble than ever. With this one happening in Scorpio, we're being asked to dig deep and deal with everything that's happening in our psyche from now until November 20th.

That's obviously a tricky thing to do, especially when the day-to-days of live get in the way. Still, there are ways to make dealing with Mercury retrograde a bit easier on you and your soul.

We rounded up seven magical products that'll help you get through the astrological phenomena with the greatest of ease. Check them all out now!

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1. 'How to Survive Mercury Retrograde: And Venus & Mars, Too' by Bernie Ashman

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Consider this your survival guide for every Mercury retrograde that happens in your lifetime. The more you know about it, the better prepared and less intimidated you'll be by it all. This book also covers Venus and Mars retrograde, so you'll be ready to tackle those when they happen, too.

2. Mercury Retrograde Bracelet Set

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These five bracelets each feature their own crystal that'll protect your from mood swings, imbalance, miscommunication, bad decisions, and anxiety during Mercury retrograde. You can wear them individually, though we suggest you sport them all at once; there's strength in numbers.

3. Mercury Retrograde Magic Candle

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Created specifically for this Mercury retrograde, you'll be protected from all that goes on when the communication spins backwards. Programmed with magical intentions, you'll instantly feel at ease once you light the wick.

4. Mercury Retrograde Bath Bomb

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During Mercury retrograde, it's important to slow down and make time for self-reflection. We don't know about you, but soaking in a tub helps us do just that. Obviously, this Mercury Retrograde Bath Bomb from Lush will come in handy, as notes of lemon, ginger, and cinnamon create a calming, thoughtful atmosphere.

5. Aunt Vi's Mercury Retrograde Balancer

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You might want to buy this in bulk, because you'll be spritzing yourself with this spray all Mercury retrograde long. A blend of essential oils, flowers, gems, and elemental vibrational essences, you'll feel incredibly stable when you mist this all over your body. It'll seep through your pores and straight to your aura.

6. Mercury Retrograde Essential Oil Blend

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This blend of essential oil promotes calm and clear communication, which is something that isn't at all easy during Mercury retrograde. Apart form that, you'll notice your ability to be a bit more patient during the next few weeks, which is definitely an added bonus.

7. 'Mercury Is in Retrograde' Tote Bag

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To carry all your magical items during this astrological period, what better bag than this one? It serves as a reminder to you and everyone whose path you cross that Mercury is in retrograde, so it's time to slow down.

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