15 Impactful 'Marriage Story' Movie Quotes

Scarlett Johansson cutting Adam Driver's hair in a scene from 'Marriage Story' on Netflix
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Buckle up, because it's going to be a bumpy ride!

Are You in the Right Headspace to Read These Marriage Story Quotes?

Netflix's Marriage Story is the movie on everybody's must-watch list.

Leading the 77th Golden Globe Awards with six nominations, it's one of those critically acclaimed movies you can't miss out on.

If you've seen the trailer or even all the press it has received and are still unsure about watching it, we have something up our sleeve that'll convince you to turn it on immediately—movie quotes.

Read through these incredibly moving Marriage Story quotes now to convince yourself you need to see this picture ASAP!

Best Marriage Story Quotes

  • "I never really came alive for myself; I was only feeding his aliveness." -Nicole

  • "Getting divorced with a kid is one of the hardest things to do. It's like a death without a body." -Bert

  • "We discussed things. We were married, we said things. We talked about moving to Europe, about getting a sideboard or what do you call it, a credenza, to fill that empty space behind the couch. We never did any of it." -Charlie

  • "I didn't compare you to him. I said you were acting like him." -Nicole

  • "You're exactly like your mother. Everything you were complaining about her, you're doing. You're suffocating Henry." -Charlie

Heartbreaking Marriage Story Quotes

  • "People don't accept mothers who drink too much wine and yell at their child and call him an asshole. I get it. I do it too. We can accept an imperfect dad. Let's face it, the idea of a good father was only invented like 30 years ago. Before that, fathers were expected to be silent and absent and unreliable and selfish, and can all say we want them to be different. But on some basic level, we accept them. We love them for their fallibilities, but people absolutely don't accept those same failings in mothers. We don't accept it structurally and we don't accept it spiritually. Because the basis of our Judeo-Christian whatever is Mary, Mother of Jesus, and she's perfect. She's a virgin who gives birth, unwaveringly supports her child and holds his dead body when he's gone. And the dad isn't there. He didn't even do the fucking. God is in heaven. God is the father and God didn't show up. So, you have to be perfect, and Charlie can be a fuck up and it doesn't matter. You will always be held to a different, higher standard. And it's fucked up, but that's the way it is." -Nora

  • "Well, I'm here now, obviously. I don't know if the show will get picked up. It feels like home. It is home. It's the only home I've ever known without Charlie." -Nicole

  • "I'm sorry, Bert, am I paying for this joke?" -Charlie

  • "He didn't see me as separate from himself." -Nicole

  • "You always have to have your own voice." -Charlie

Moving Marriage Story Quotes

  • "The dead part wasn't dead it was just in a coma." -Nicole

  • "You liked this life until you decided you hated it." -Charlie

  • "I was so flattered someone like him would fin something I said worthy." -Nicole

  • "He needs to know that I fought for him." -Charlie

  • "It's not as simple as not being in love anymore." -Nicole

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