20 Clever Maroon 5 Lyrics for Instagram Captions

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"She always belonged to someone else."

Best Maroon 5 Lyrics to Use as Instagram Captions

Maroon 5's music has always been there for us.

From their debut album Songs About Jane to their latest record Red Pill Blues, their songs will continue to remain the soundtrack to our lives.

And though their lyrics are catchy and clever, they serve an even greater purposeā€”a source of inspiration for when we need the perfect Instagram caption.

If you're the ultimate Maroon 5 fan and want to add some flair to your Insta feed, be sure to use one of these lyrics as your next caption!

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Maroon 5 Instagram Captions

  • "She always belonged to someone else." -"She Will Be Loved"

  • "I'll come out stronger in the end." -"Not Coming Home"

  • "Come and rest your bones with me." -"Sunday Morning"

  • "Now as the summer fades, I let you slip away." -"If I Never See Your Face Again"

  • "Don't you care about me anymore?" -"Wake Up Call"

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Maroon 5 Concert Captions

  • "Danced all night, slept all day." -"Not Falling Apart"

  • "So let me be and I'll set you free." -"Misery"

  • "Looking for a better place to call home." -"Hands All Over"

  • "I need to move on and I need you to try." -"Out of Goodbyes"

  • "Even the sun sets in paradise." -"Payphone"

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Maroon 5 Lyrics Instagram Captions

  • "You're even perfect when you cry." -"Beautiful Goodbye"

  • "Sometimes honesty is the worst policy." -"The Man Who Never Lied"

  • "Tonight I'm gonna hold you so close." -"Daylight"

  • "I miss the taste of a sweeter life." -"Maps"

  • "You can find other fish in the sea." -"Animals"

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Clever Maroon 5 Captions

  • "I just wanna be deep in your love." -"Sugar"

  • "You know that I'm coming back for you." -"Coming Back for You"

  • "Been wishin' for you." -"What Lovers Do"

  • "You're givin' me answers to all of my questions." -"Lips on You"

  • "I need more hours with you." -"Girls Like You"

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