Here's How Well Lyda Beauty's Cleopatra Cat Eye Stamp Works

Close up of a woman's eye with winged eyeliner created with the Cleopatra Cat Eye Stamp from Lyda Beauty
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It's all in the flick of the wrist!

I Was Never Good at Winged Eyeliner, Until THIS Product Came Into My Life

My relationship with makeup is complicated.

I used to love experimenting with different looks when I was younger, but once I realized I could get more sleep if I didn't do my makeup every morning, I gave up.

Since high school, I've had the same five-minute makeup routine: moisturizer, foundation, powder, mascara. Done and done.

One thing I always wanted to be good at was eyeliner, but I quickly gave that up when I couldn't get that perfect cat eye on the first try. With shows like Euphoria, I've been reminded more and more that makeup is meant to be fun and not something I have to be an expert at. Relaying that to my Aries rising is difficult, but we're getting there.

I'm not fully prepared to go all out on an intense makeup routine, but I am ready to give winged eyeliner another go. So, when I was invited to test out Lyda Beauty's Cleopatra Cat Eye Stamp (a product that offers perfect winged eyeliner in 60 seconds), I couldn't pass up that golden opportunity.

Read on to learn about Lyda Beauty and my experience with their nifty product!

About Lyda Beauty

On my way to Style Week OC at Fashion Island in a bus filled with Lyda Beauty products, Lyda popped some champagne and told us all about how Lyda Beauty came to be.

She mentioned that she was a tomboy growing up who didn't have the best relationship with makeup, which is something I immediately related to. She craved convenience and ease, which isn't something that's easy to achieve with even the simplest of makeup looks.

One night, she had the idea for a stamp that would give her perfect winged eyeliner every single time. With the help of her husband, she molded something out of clay, let it dry, swiped some liquid eyeliner one it, and it worked. Three years of trial and error later, the Cleopatra Cat Eye Stamp was made.

With her brand, Lyda hopes to encourage women to be their most authentic self and dare to be bold with their makeup looks. Don't let anything or anyone hold you back.

About the Cleopatra Cat Eye Stamp

The Cleopatra Cat Eye Stamp features a stamp with a wing shape and a liquid eyeliner tool to complete the look.

Coming in Bold and Sleek, you can opt for a fierce eyeliner look or one that's more fitting for your everyday plans. Currently, the Cleopatra Cat Eye Stamp comes in black, but colors are soon to be released. Soon, you'll be able to get the nifty product in brown, blue, or green liner.

To use the Cleopatra Cat Eye Stamp, you first start by stamping the wing on the desired position at the corner of your eye. Next, draw along your lash line to connect the wing to the liner look. You can shape and extend your wing, if desired, or call it a day once you connect the stamp to the liner. The choice is yours.

Photo Courtesy of Robijn Fischer

Lyda Beauty Cleopatra Cat Eye Stamp Review

I was gifted a box filled to the brim with various Cleopatra Cat Eye Stamps, one in every color and style.

After opening all of them and testing them on my hand, I decided to try a winged eyeliner look with the black Cleopatra Cat Eye Stamp in the Sleek style. Bold felt a little too much for my first go with the product, so I decided to play it safe.

I've used eyeliner before, but it was only ever a pencil and I've only attempted winged eyeliner approximately four times in my life. Seeing as the last time I made this attempt was years ago, I had to watch a handful of tutorials to figure out how exactly to create a winged eyeliner look on my eye. Though I figured it would be, it wasn't as simple as stamping the wing anywhere and hoping for the best. If I had a better relationship with makeup, I could probably get away with literally winging it, but I needed to do some research first.

After watching a handful of tutorials, I gave it a go. The first attempt wasn't great, mainly because I placed the wing a little too high, almost on the center of my lid. I quickly wiped the mess away and started again.

My second attempt actually produced a near perfect wing. Even when I had to draw the liquid liner along my lash line, I was seriously impressed by how good it looked. It wasn't entirely perfect, but for someone who has never been able to create a winged eyeliner look without experiencing a mental breakdown, I was so proud of myself.

The real test came when I had to do it on the other eye. I was able to do it with the greatest of ease, but the two wings didn't entirely look the same. They were very close, but I still need to practice some.

Nevertheless, I had the best (and easiest) experience using the Cleopatra Cat Eye Stamp. I was thoroughly impressed.

Photo Courtesy of Ashley Locke

Final Thoughts on Lyda Beauty's Cleopatra Cat Eye Stamp

All in all, I would highly recommend the Cleopatra Cat Eye Stamp to anyone who has difficulty creating a winged eyeliner look on their own. If you've already nailed it, you might not need this product. Though, it could help you achieve the perfect cat eye even faster than it usually takes.

I still need to work on perfecting my eyeliner look, but it'll be so much easier thanks to this product. The stamp really pushed me to experiment with bold, fun looks once again. Had it not come into my life, I think I could've died happily without ever attempting a winged eyeliner look ever again. But now that I have this beauty in my makeup bag, I'll be using it often.

I can't wait to try out some looks with the various colors, too. If you want to purchase the Cleopatra Cat Eye Stamp, you can do so here.

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