15 Creative Long Beach Instagram Captions

Scenic shot of the Queen Mary in Long Beach
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"There's no beach like Long Beach."

Best Long Beach, California Instagram Captions

As far as stunning Southern California locations go, Long Beach ranks pretty high among the rest of them.

From their beaches to their cuisine, LBC has it all and then some.

Whether you're staying for a while or simply passing through, you're bound to snap some photos of everything the city has to offer.

For everything you post on Instagram, we've got the perfect captions for you. See them all below!

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Cute Long Beach Captions

•"There's no beach like Long Beach." -Unknown

•"Living the dream in the LBC." -Unknown

•"Long Beach really lives up to its name." -Unknown

•"Everything you need, you can find it in Long Beach." -Unknown

•"LBC forever!" -Unknown

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Long Beach Song Lyrics

•"Long Beach kids play loud and fast." -"Long Beach Kids" by Clit 45

•"If you wanna find me, come to Long Beach." -"I'm From Long Beach" by Snoop Dogg

•"Long Beach, California is where I held your hand." -"Long Beach" by Sons of Sylvia

•"From the De Longpre to Long Beach." -"I Miss That Whip" by Anderson .Paak

•"Sublime posse come straight from Long Beach." -"Cisco Kid" by Sublime

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•"Long beat, Long Beach and it feels so fine." -"Total Hate '95" by No Doubt

•"Hangin' out in Long Beach, a lil' party in the sun." -"Party Enema" by NOFX

•"Ain't nuthin' but a Long Beach thang." -"And Ya Don't Stop" by Warren G

•"Long Beach on my right side." -"Super Crip" by Snoop Dogg

•"Long Beach style on the regular." -"Paradise City" by N-Trance

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