15 Iconic 'Lizzie McGuire' Quotes From the Original Series

Lizzie and Miranda going bra shopping in an episode of 'Lizzie McGuire'
Lizzie McGuire via Disney Channel

Who's ready for the revival?

May We Never Forget These Iconic Lizzie McGuire Quotes From the Show

For those who grew up in the early 2000s, there was no show more iconic than Lizzie McGuire.

Back when Disney Channel created all the hits, this was one of the bests.

With Disney+ coming into our lives, we've been able to relive all the nostalgia by re-watching the series on the streaming service.

What's even better is knowing a revival is slated to come out in the not too distant future. Just about everyone will be making a return, including Lizzie, Gordo, Matt, and the rest of her family. We're still waiting to see if a few more key characters will make an appearance, but our hopes are high.

If you don't have Disney+ or have already blown through reliving the magic of the series, reading through these iconic Lizzie McGuire quotes will have you stoked for the new series! And it may even convince you to sign up for Disney's streaming service, if you haven't already.

Read them all now!

Best Lizzie McGuire Quotes

  • "Why Do We Have To Draw Fruit Anyway? I Want To Draw NSYNC." *-Miranda

  • "Could you say that one more time for the camera, Kate? I'm trying to cast the part of the bitter, talentless girl." -Gordo

  • "See, I was gonna be the ugliest kid on earth, but you're already wearing the costume." -Matt

  • "I'm hurt. I'm tired. I'm hungry." -Lizzie

  • "Who celebrates Valentine's Day?" -Miranda

Cute Lizzie McGuire Quotes

  • "One little mistake and suddenly we’re not talking. Whatever happened to best friends forever?" -Lizzie

  • "Well, my best friend wasn't gonna be there, so why would I wanna go? Besides, I brought you mini donuts." -Gordo

  • "If I don't like it, why waste my time doing it? I'd rather work extra hard at something I do love, even if it takes a little longer." -Lizzie

  • "That's how everybody talks. I'm not everybody." -Gordo

  • "We're friends. And even if we get in a fight and you walk away from me, you'll always know where to find me, okay?" -Lizzie

Famous Lizzie McGuire Quotes

  • "I want a bra!" -Lizzie

  • "That sweater is not really 'Oops, I Did It Again,' it's just... oops." -Miranda

  • "Take a chill pill, parents." -Lizzie

  • "I keep on trying to do a thumbs up, but the wall won't let me." -Ethan

  • "You'll never figure out who you really are if you're busy trying to be someone else." -Gordo

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