15 Funniest Quotes From 'Living With Yourself'

Paul Rudd and Paul Rudd finding out there are two of them in Netflix's 'Living With Yourself'
Living With Yourself via Netflix

You can't go wrong with two Paul Rudds!

We Couldn't Make Up These Living With Yourself Quotes If We Tried

Put Paul Rudd in anything, we'll watch it.

So when Netflix decided to give us not one, but two Paul Rudds in the new series Living With Yourself, it didn't take much for us to binge the series the moment it was released on the streaming platform.

We're still recovering from season one and desperately hoping for a second season, but even if that doesn't happen, we'll still watching the first handful of episodes until we're over Paul Rudd—which, we can assure, won't ever happen.

When we can't watch the show, we turn to these Living With Yourself quotes to remind ourselves how bonkers and brilliant the series is. Read them yourself now!

Best Living With Yourself Quotes

  • "We're sitting here, in this hermetically sealed coffin of a conference room spending our precious minutes here on this planet to sell some cellular infrastructure company, when we could be out living, breathing, and fucking, and dreaming! So why, why do we give a shit?" -Miles

  • "You're too great! And you're too loving, and you're too kind, and it's weird! And it's... a little exhausting, if I'm honest with you." -Kate

  • "Top Happy Spa will rebuild your DNA better than ever—a better you, the best you can be." -Jung-Ho

  • "That's what I want." -Miles

  • "Now, there are two mes. But, there's one life." -Miles

Funny Living With Yourself Quotes

  • "How is me being great exhausting?" -Miles

  • "It's like my granny always used to say: 'When life gives you lemons, try anal.'" -Kate

  • "Your secret is you paid for a handjob?" -Miles

  • "I hate you!" -Miles

  • "I am you!" -Miles

Iconic Living With Yourself Quotes

  • "Yeah, why don't you just grow the fuck up? Just accept the fact that you are never going to be as young or as hip as the notorious CEO no matter what type of flooring you have. So you may as well try and focus on being a decent, adult human being. I mean, what age are you? Fifty?" -Kate

  • "You're amazing, do you know that?" -Miles

  • "Are you seriously jealous of you?" -Maia

  • "Dr. Jekyll was the sane one, you mean Mr. Hyde. You should pick up a book sometime." -Miles

  • "The path of life brings us many troubles: pain, sadness, humiliation." -Jung-Ho

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