7 Gorgeous Lingerie Brands for Women Over 50

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Lingerie is for any age!

Feel Sexy at Any Age With These Lingerie Brands for Women Over 50

Though lingerie doesn't have an age limit, the way it's marketed has older women believing otherwise.

Yes, you can wear whatever combo of bra and panties makes you feel comfortable and sexy, but companies tend to gear their garments towards younger women—which makes finding lingerie for women over 50 rather difficult.

We know we're preaching to the choir here, but we felt the need to say it.

Anyway, there are still plenty of brands out there who create lingerie with older women in mind. While there are some do's and don'ts of purchasing lingerie after a certain age, you can essentially wear whatever makes you feel the most comfortable and confident in your skin.

The brands below do a fantastic job at helping you get there. Check out the sexiest lingerie for women over 50 below now!


via Lonely

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Apart from most brands out there, New Zealand-based design house Lonely actually has older women model their lingerie. Proving you're only as young as you feel, Lonely is inspired by the women who wear the brand and try to represent them in everything they produce.


via Intimissimi

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Depending on how much coverage you're looking for, Intimissimi likely has an option for you. From the skimpier sets to the classic slips, there's something for everyone.

Morgan Lane

via Morgan Lane

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Most lingerie is fairly generic, with the same styles and patterns being found in a plethora of different stores. Morgan Lane breaks away from the mold with unique prints and cuts for every type of woman. The pieces are dainty and delicate, but will make you feel oh so seductive.

Agent Provocateur

via Agent Provocateur

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What's in a name? For Agent Provocateur, it's everything. The brand prides itself on its extensive range of luxurious lingerie that reminds women they can be sexy in both the bedroom and the boardroom.


via Net-a-Porter

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There's an abundance of lingerie styles, colors, cuts, and more on Net-a-Porter. Whether you prefer a simple matching set or something more alluring, you'll find it. The garments are a bit pricey, but they're certainly worth the splurge.

Bare Necessities

via Bare Necessities

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That va-va-voom sensation doesn't go away as you grow older, so let your curves have some fun in the sexy pieces Bare Necessities has for every type of woman. Your inner sex goddess will be unleashed the moment you slip on a garter.

Harlow & Fox

via Harlow & Fox

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Crafted exclusively for fuller bust sizes, Harlow & Fox is a U.K. lingerie brand boasts a line of flamboyant lingerie sets you have to see to believe. Each piece is handcrafted with such detail, making them that much more beautiful up close. The company even offers a bespoke option, where they'll design a unique piece of lingerie just for you.

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