10 Lies Movies Make You Believe About Sex

Ana and Christian kissing each other in 'Fifty Shades Freed'
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Women don't orgasm that quickly.

Don't Believe These Damaging Lies Movies Tell You About Sex

Movies are all about making us believe in the unbelievable.

But sometimes doing so perpetuates false stereotypes about something that severely damages our real world perception. This rings especially true for sex.

Considering it's still a taboo topic, not many people feel comfortable discussing it in their everyday lives, thus misconceptions are allowed to run rampant like wildfire. It's not good, not good at all.

The depiction of sex in movies is often not what many of us experience when we get down with our partners. Yet, we all believe the falsities the movies push out about sex are true. It's 2020, time to stop believing them.

Scroll below for the most damaging lies movies tell you about sex!

1. Women Orgasm Easily

One of the biggest myths movies make us believe about sex is that it doesn't take much for a women to reach orgasm. Often times, it seems that she'll finish before or at the same time as her male counterpart. Ladies, we all know this isn't true. Sure, we might fake it and let our partner believe they got us off (which is something we need to stop doing), but it never really happens that easily.

2. Women Leave Their Bras on During Sex

We don't know about you, but there has maybe been one instance we've left our bra on during sex and that was because we were too lazy to take it off. In movies, this happens all the time. Rarely ever will you see a woman making love with her bra off. We know this is mainly due to censorship regulations, but still. Having sex in a bra isn't comfortable, so let those puppies breathe.

Mad Men via AMC

3. Men Always Want Sex More

Men are often portrayed as being the horniest sex, but that isn't always the case. Women want sex, too. Why do we have to play coy about it? That's probably because women who seek out sex are seen as nymphomanicas, but that's a whole other topic of discussion.

4. Cuddling Isn't Desired

Growing up, we definitely believed cuddling wasn't something most men wanted to do after a vigorous romp in the hay. Boy, were we wrong. Many of the guys we've been with actually wanted cuddling more than we did. So, can we end this stereotype or what?

The Sessions via Fox Searchlight Pictures

5. It All Happens so Fast

Within three seconds of making out, couples are ready to rip each other's clothes off and get down to it. There's no foreplay. They simply undress and stick it in. That's that, but is it? We beg to differ. Sometimes foreplay is even better than actual sex. Are we right or are we right?

6. No One Uses Condom

Condom usage in movies is rarely ever discussed, which is not the case with real life. You better wrap it up before you stick it in us. They might be using condoms, but the awkward act of putting one on isn't shown as often as we would like.

The 40-Year-Old Virgin via Universal Pictures

7. Lube Doesn't Exist

Not only does no one use condoms, but the mention of lube is seldom ever brought up during any lovemaking scene we've ever witnessed. Don't know about you, but when things move pretty hastily (as they do in the movies), we need some lube to get our motors running. You can't just stick it in and go. Our gears need some grease before that can happen!

8. Old People Aren't Having Sex

It seems like only hot, agile, young people are getting it on behind closed doors. At least, that's what the movies make us believe. We know that isn't at all the case, with plenty of us "older" folk still going at it like rabbits when we can.

Grace and Frankie via Netflix

9. You Look Stunning Before, During, and After the Act

Every actor involved in a sex scene always looks so immaculate before, during, and after they go at it like bunnies. In real life, that is definitely not how things look. We might have a pristine appearance before, but that slowly melts away once the penetration starts. Our hair becomes a knotted mess and our makeup is smeared all over our face, as if a toddler with a crayon was our makeup artist. And we sure as hell don't look all that cute during the act. We make plenty of weird faces and noises.

10. There's Always Music Playing

Not as damaging a lie as the rest, it's still one that annoys us a ton. Movies make sex seem even more romantic than it is by adding a sensual score to the most climactic parts of the lovemaking scenes. In reality, that doesn't happen. Music may be blasting from somewhere, but it in no way adds any sort of value to the act.

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