11 Letter Board Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow ASAP

Pink felt letter board with the saying \Stay in your magic\ written on it and adorned with pink-toned flowers
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You can never follow too many letter board accounts!

Step Up Your Instagram Feed by Following These Letter Board Accounts

Letter boards are all the rage these days.

Seems as though just about everyone has one in their home or at their office to offer a pep talk when it's desperately needed.

While we have one at both our house and in the office, that's not enough. We want to be surrounded by letter boards all the time, even if it's just online. Yes, we're talking about Instagram here.

We follow more letter board accounts than we know what to do with, yet they never cease to put a smile on our face. We figured it was about time we shared them with you, so read through this list of 11 letter board Instagram accounts you need to start following ASAP!

1. Live & Love Letterboards

Live & Love Letterboards is a community of letter board Instagrammers who post about that mom life through their letter board creations. If you're a mom, you'll most definitely relate to everything they share.

2. Letterboard Goods

If your letter board obsession is through the roof, you'll want to follow this account. Not only do they post relatable letter board quotes and sayings, but they even sell adorable letter board-inspired merch. Yes, you'll want it all.

3. LetterBoardCompany

Known for having Canada's largest variety of premium letter boards, LetterBoardCompany will have you drooling over all their letter board posts. It's practically born for any letter board-lover.

4. Felt Like Sharing

The adorable felt letter boards showcased on this account will give you plenty of inspiration for your own letter boards. Whether you're looking for something motivational or sarcastic, you'll find it on this account.

5. Letter Board Collective

Another aggregator of top-notch letter board content from all over Instagram, Letter Board Collective features the best of the best. You can even purchase their handmade letter board here.

6. MotherhoodThroughLetterboards

As you probably guessed, MotherhoodThroughLetterboards takes you on a journey through motherhood by using letter boards. Motherhood isn't easy, but at least these ladies have found a way to find the creativity in the struggle.

7. Sarcastic Letterboards

We love sarcasm more than anyone should, so you better believe we follow this account and laugh out loud at everything they post. A little sarcasm never killed nobody.

8. Letterfolk

Letterfolk has one of the most aesthetically pleasing letter board Instagram accounts around. We could scroll through their feed for hours on end and never get tired of the letter boards they post.

9. RIVI Co. Letterboards

RIVI Co. uses their platform to encourage others to say what they want to say. Upon seeing their posts, you'll be inspired to speak your mind more often. When in doubt, talk it out.

10. Bethany Grace

As far as letter boards go, Bethany Grace offers some of the most creative layouts we've ever seen. They really do put all other letter boards to shame, so prepare to be amazed by her creativity.

11. Retrogram Boards

Keeping things retro, we have Retrogram Boards. Coming in hot with their hysterical and oh so true letter board quotes, we laugh every single time we scroll past one of their posts. If we could double tap it 100 times, we would.

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