Least Painful Parts of the Body to Get a Tattoo

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Getting a tattoo is an exciting, terrifying thrill ride.

On the one hand, you're excited to have a unique piece of art on your body. On the other, you have to save up a lot of money and can potentially be dealing with an immense amount of pain. This all has to do with where you want to get your tat.

If you have a low pain tolerance or simply want to endure a minimal amount of suffering, read on to discover the least painful parts of your body to get a tattoo.

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The shoulder is one of the least painful places to get a tattoo, because it has very few nerve endings. No matter how big or small the tattoo you want is, it'll definitely fit quite nicely on your shoulder. So if you're thinking of doing something bigger, but don't want to experience too much agony, the shoulder is your best bet.

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Similar to the shoulder, there aren't a ton of nerve endings in the forearm. This is why you won't experience too much discomfort when you get a tattoo in the area. Depending on your body, you may also have a substantial sized canvas to work with, too.

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Believe it or not, your butt is on the lower-end of the pain scale. So if you want a tat that's hidden from just about everyone and won't have you wincing from the discomfort, you may want to consider getting it on your derriere.

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Leg tattoos are awesome. They're easily able to be seen and can generally host a ton of different tattoos, depending on how big your muscles are. As far as the least painful place to get one on your leg goes, the calves are where it's at. They're so fleshy that it likely won't hurt too bad. Sure, you'll feel some pain, but it'll be pretty manageable for the most part.

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Behind Your Ears

Wanting a tattoo that's easily able to be hidden, but still can be shown off whenever you want? We suggest getting one behind your ear. Again, there are very little never endings in this area, so less pain. You can't get anything too big, but anyone who wants a simpler tat should think about getting it here.