15 'Killing Eve' Quotes That Are Equal Parts Sweet and Sour

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Villaneve forever!

15 Killing Eve Quotes That Are Nothing Short of Iconic

We fell in love with BBC's Killing Eve the way we fall asleep—slowly, and then all at once.

Helmed by our favorite Grey's Anatomy resident, Sandra Oh, and newcomer, Jodie Comer, this show is filled with captivating characters and even better dialogue.

Which is exactly why we decided to round up our 15 favorite quotes from Killing Eve. See them all here!

Best Killing Eve Quotes

  • "It's going to be hard to trust me again, but I will prove myself to you. I promise." -Villanelle

  • "Quitting is literally everything I've been aiming for." -Elena

  • "It is disappointing that the mole is the one who looks the most like a rodent." -Carolyn

  • "Your killer was a small-breasted psycho, apparently." -Niko

  • "I believe there is a female assassin operating internationally and she's targeted a number of influential people. She doesn't have a signature, but she certainly has style and I don't know who or what is behind her, but I don't think she's slowing down and just that interested me, I guess. But also apparently makes me a fantasist and a crackpot and completely on my own. And, you know, frankly, I don't give a shit anymore. She is outsmarting the smartest of us, and for that, she deserves to do or kill whoever the hell she wants. I mean, if she's not killing me, then, frankly, it's not my job to care anymore." -Eve

Villanelle Killing Eve Quotes

  • "You should never tell a psychopath they are a psychopath. It upsets them." -Villanelle

  • "People think that your soul or personality, whatever, leaves the body when you die. I swear, it just goes further in. It falls so far in and just becomes so small that it can't control your body anymore. It's just in there, dying forever." -Villanelle

  • "Will you give me everything I want?" -Villanelle

  • "I think about you, too. I mean, I masturbate about you a lot." -Villanelle

  • "Yes, I am funny." -Villanelle

Eve Killing Eve Quotes

  • "I am going to find the thing you care about the most, and I am going to kill it." -Eve

  • "My tits are about to drop off." -Eve

  • "Because part of me's still in love with you. It's pathetic, I know. I mean, we were forever ago, but I guess I'm just stuck. Yes, I've been with plenty of other women, buried myself in work, but You show up again in my life, Annalise, and I'm just done. You still have me, and I hate it. I don't hate you, but I I hate how you make me feel. Because I can't have you."

  • "God, it's amazing how efficient things are when you're a dick to people?" -Eve

  • "If you sleep with more than two pillows you're a psychopath." -Eve

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