20 Best Journey Lyrics to Use as Instagram Captions

Journey performing onstage at a concert
via Instagram: @journeymusicofficial

"Hold on to that feelin'."

Best Journey Lyrics for Instagram Captions

Journey told us to never stop believing, so we didn't—especially not in them.

Their music still gets us through our toughest days and only improves our finest hours. So whose lyrics better suited for all of our Instagram posts? Journey's, duh!

Keep scrolling for the 20 best Journey lyrics to use as Instagram captions!

Journey Concert Captions

•"Hold on to that feelin'." -"Don't Stop Believin'"

•"One night will remind you." -"Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)"

•"I didn't want to say goodbye." -"Send Her My Love"

•"Lovin' a music man ain't always what it's supposed to be." -"Faithfully"

•"We all need new frontiers." -"Frontiers"

Journey Selfie Captions

•"The sound of life misplaced your mind." -"Of a Lifetime"

•"Mountain of magic, standing tall and proud." -"Mystery Mountain"

•"It's all too much for me to see." -"It's All Too Much"

•"Can't take the sun from her eyes." -"She Makes Me (Feel Alright)"

•"Midnight dreamer, take me if you can." -"Midnight Dreamer"

Journey Captions

•"I was born to fly." -"Spaceman"

•"Money's no good to me, 'cause lovin's my game." -"Hustler"

•"You stole my lonely heart for you." -"Karma"

•"Listen to me and enlighten me." -"Anytime"

•"You make my lifetime big and bright." -"Winds of March"

Instagram Captions for Journey

•"It's time to make the change." -"Too Late"

•"How could it be so simple?" -"Sweet and Simple"

•"Roll the dice, roll them twice." -"Lady Luck"

•"I was captured by the light of a wayward smile." -"Precious Time"

•"We met destiny, and it sealed our fate." -"We Will Meet Again"