Style Tips to Follow to Dress Like Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda holding her hands in a prayer position in an episode from Grace and Frankie
Grace and Frankie via Netflix

Jane loves a bold accessory!

Steal Jane Fonda's Style by Following These Fashion Tips

Jane Fonda is the ultimate style icon.

The multifaceted celebrity always looks incredible, whether she's waltzing down the red carpet or running an errand on a Tuesday. While some of it has to do with the plastic surgery she's openly admitted to having, Fonda still looks incredible regardless. All those workout DVDs really whipped her body into shape.

One of the reason's we love Fonda's timeless style is that she's not afraid to take risk. In a time where older women are tossed aside for their younger counterparts, the 81-year-old doesn't let her age define her or her fashion choices.

We will never be Fonda (as much as we wish we could make that happen), but we can emulate her sensational sense of style. And now, you can, too.

Scroll below for a few fashion tips we've picked up from drooling over Fonda's style throughout the years that'll have you feeling like the powerful leading lady every day of the week!

Invest in a Pantsuit or Two

Fonda rocks a pantsuit better than anyone we know, man or woman. Whether it's a solid color or bold print, she proves you can never have too many different pantsuits hanging in your closet. They work for just about any event and can be worn as a set or as parts of different outfits, though we all know they're much more powerful as a whole.

Here are some Jane-approved options:

Go Bold With Colors and Prints

There's no rule book that notes you have to be a certain age to sport a bright yellow frock, which is why Fonda isn't afraid to do just that. The multi-hyphenate will wear any pattern and color she so pleases, so don't be afraid to do the same. Just make sure it works for your personality.

Accessorize Like Your Life Depends on It

Fonda is almost seldom ever seen without an accessory. She'll generally sport a bold necklace or set of earrings, but there are rare instances where she'll keep it more subtle. Again, do what works best for you, but don't leave your house without an accessory or two.

Here are some Jane-approved options:

Find What Works for You

Having the body she does, Fonda can fit into just about anything. The same can't be said for everyone, but that's perfectly fine. What makes Fonda's sense of style something to marvel at is she constantly finds pieces that showcase not only her figure, but her confidence. Now's your chance to find what types of clothes do that for you.

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