14 Halloween Nail Ideas for Your Next Manicure

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Who needs a costume when these nail art ideas exist?

14 Halloween Nail Ideas That Are Both the Trick and the Treat

Halloween will be here before you know it.

We're already halfway through September, so spooky season is right around the corner.

If you want to get into the spirit a little bit before everyone else, we feel you. Halloween is the best time of year, so why not celebrate it ahead of schedule? We'd like to enjoy it year round, but we'll settle for a month and a half early.

One of the easiest ways to show some appreciation for Halloween without going all out just yet is with some spooky nail art. From ghost and goblins to movie monsters and witches, we've found some of the best Halloween nail ideas that are equally a trick and a treat.

Find the one that fits your personality best now!

1. Scary Movie Monsters Halloween Nails

These monster mash nails will be a graveyard smash will all the goblins and ghouls you come in contact with on Halloween night.

2. Poison Apple Halloween Nails

One bite of these nails and... well, you'll ruin them. Don't bite your nails, because we all know what happens when we eat poison apples, right?

3. Bloody Halloween Nails

Give everyone the creeps with these bloody nails. You can use fake blood or real blood. The choice is yours.

4. Pennywise Halloween Nails

IT would be wise to paint your nails with this Pennywise pattern. We'll admit, that was far too many puns jammed into one sentence, but we're trying to get into the spirit.

5. Trick or Treat Halloween Nails

There are a lot of tricks going on with this nail art, but know that it's all a treat to sport them on your nails.

6. Spider & Vampire Halloween Nails

Can't decide which Halloween staple you want to paint on your nails? Why not paint them both?

7. Candy Corn Halloween Nails

These pastel candy corn nails are almost as sweet as the real thing.

8. Slime Green Halloween Nails

We're all about nail are that'll let us ooze out a bit. It's so fun.

9. Eyeball Halloween Nails

An eyeball for every ex who wronged us.

10. Witchcraft Halloween Nails

This design is all sorts of double, double toil and trouble. At least you won't need a fire burn to get this caldron to bubble, just some serious nail design skills.

11. The Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Nails

The Nightmare Before Christmas is just as much a Halloween movie as it is a Christmas movie, so pay homage to it with this beautiful nail art.

12. Spider Web Halloween Nails

Don't paint these spiders on your nails if you're afraid of them. Though they do a great job at scaring everyone around you.

13. Pumpkin Halloween Nails

Pumpkin nails for Halloween? Groundbreaking.

14. Ghosts Halloween Nails

Ghosts for Halloween? Groundbreaking. In all seriousness, this design is boo-tiful.

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