10 Halloween Makeup Products That Work for Every Look

Trixie Mattel showing off her makeup line in an Instagram post for Trixie Cosmetics
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Halloween makeup doesn't need to be spooky!

These 10 Makeup Products Will Help You Create Stunning Halloween Looks

No Halloween costume is complete without a fierce makeup look to complement your spooky getup.

Whether you want to keep things simple or go all out, we've got you covered... literally.

We found the best Halloween makeup products that'll help you create striking makeup looks on the holiday and even year round.

Get to shopping before it's too late!

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1. Electric Garden Eye Palette

via Valfré

Buy it from Valfré here!

Though not a Halloween-themed eye palette, these bright metallic and matte hues will help you create just about any makeup look you're going for on the holiday. Plus, you can use it year around. And trust us, this will absolutely become your favorite palette in no time.

2. Blood Sugar Palette

via Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Buy it from Jeffree Star Cosmetics here!

Offering a bit more Halloween feel, the Blood Sugar Palette from Jeffree Star Cosmetics will help you create some bloody good looks on Halloween. Again, you can use it well after the holiday, and definitely will.

3. Lydia Lipstick

via Medusa's Makeup

Buy it from Medusa's Makeup here!

Halloween is all about being bold, so wearing this pastel purple lipstick will certainly help you get there. Rich and creamy, it won't even feel like you're wearing anything on your lips as you bop around from party to party.

4. Armor Masque No. 1

via Haus Laboratories

Buy it from Haus Laboratories here!

For those who don't have the patience to craft an intricate look, this Armor Masque from Lady Gaga's makeup line is right up your alley. Stick it on however you want and you're basically all set for the evening.

5. Pro Contour Book Volume 1

via Lunatick Cosmetic Labs

Buy it from Lunatick Cosmetic Labs here!

Lunatick Cosmetic Labs has a line fitting for anyone who celebrates Halloween all year round. But if you're really just looking for something that'll do for the night, you have to get their Pro Contour Book Volume 1 to create spooky scary looks this Halloween.

6. Slime Duo

via Black Moon Cosmetics

Buy it from Black Moon Cosmetics here!

Black Moon Cosmetics is another brand that has a slew of witchy products that work for everyday looks, but especially Halloween. This Slime Duo features a neon green metallic liquid-to-matte lipstick, along with the "blackest of the blackest black" shade.

7. Limited-Edition Metallic Treats Glitter Liner Set

via Tarte Cosmetics

Buy it from Tarte Cosmetics here!

Who doesn't love a bit of glitter liner, especially when it comes in a handy-dandy trio like this one? Whether you're going as a fairy or a vampire, these eyeliners will add some much-needed sparkle to your Halloween look.

8. Safiya Nygaard Lipstick Collection

via Colourpop

Buy it from Colourpop here!

This luxe lipstick set from the mind of Safiya Nygaard is too perfect for all your Halloween looks. From the pinky-beige nude to the full-bodied red, these shades aren't for the faint of heart.

9. Halloween Collection Glitter

via Trixie Cosmetics

Buy it from Trixie Cosmetics here!

These glitters from drag queen Trixie Mattel's makeup line are all treat and no trick. Pentagram and Ooky Spooky work on your face, along with your body and hair, while Slime Time is a bright green to slap all around your eyes.

10. Black Out Diamond Sharts

via KimChi Chic

Buy it from KimChi Chic here!

We wouldn't feel right including Trixie's line, without talking about drag queen KimChi's latest venture. This sparkly glitter eyeshadow will complete any creepy or kooky look you decide to create this Halloween.

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