30 Ridiculously Brilliant Gwyneth Paltrow Quotes

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Got to love Gwyneth!

30 Gwyneth Paltrow Quotes That'll Change the Way You Feel About Her

Gwyneth Paltrow is a woman all her own.

She marches to the beat of a very different drum than the rest of us and she doesn't ever apologize for it. Say what you will about her, we commend her for speaking her mind all the time.

Though she's a bit eccentric, she doesn't mean any harm. There's no malice behind anything she does. We understand her life philosophies are a little out there, but we love hearing all about them.

We want to convince the rest of you Gwyneth is worth listening to, so we rounded up some of her best quotes throughout the course of her career. Sift through them below!

Best Gwyneth Paltrow Quotes

  • "I am who I am. I can't pretend to be someone who makes $25K a year."

  • "When I pass a flowering zucchini plant in a garden, my heart skips a beat."

  • "We're human beings and the sun is the sun—how can it be bad for you? I don't think anything that's natural can be bad for you."

  • "I look for people who have a slightly different perspective and are trying to move the needle a bit and push boundaries."

  • "Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick."

  • "The best way to mend a broken heart is time and girlfriends."

  • "When you're dying laughing because your 3-year-old made a fart joke, it doesn't matter what else is going on. That's real happiness."

  • "I think so many people give us ideas of what we are. I think as women especially, because we're sensitive by nature, we're more vulnerable, we absorb other people's ideas about what we're supposed to think or who we're supposed to be and how we're supposed to act."

  • "The simpler your life, the more happiness you get from it."

  • "Religion is the cause of all the problems in the world. I don't believe in organized religion at all. It's what separates people. One religion just represents fragments, it causes war. More people have died because of religious conflict than any other reason."

Cute Gwyneth Paltrow Quotes

  • "I eat whatever I want. I like bread and cheese and wine, and that makes my life fun and enjoyable."

  • "I love being. There's so much wisdom in it."

  • "It's a waste of time for people to say things they think other people want to hear, or try and come off in a certain way. I try to be as honest as I can."

  • "I'm an artist, and the need to get inside myself and be creative and be other people is a part of who I am. I don't imagine I'll abandon that completely."

  • "I made a pact with myself that I'd rather have less money than be embarrassed."

  • "I wouldn't say I'm a very original thinker, but if I have a good experience with something, I'll want to take it further or adapt it in some way."

  • "For the most part, I try to be healthy and eat good things. But if you give me a baguette and some camembert, I'm gonna eat it."

  • "I do really believe that beauty comes from within, mostly how you feel about yourself and how you express love of yourself, but also in the form of nutrition."

  • "I'm just a normal mother with the same struggles as any other mother who's trying to do everything at once and trying to be a wife and maintain a relationship. There's absolutely nothing perfect about my life, but I just try hard."

  • "I understand what it feels like not to like aspects of yourself. There have been times that I have felt really terrible about the way I look. I have the seed of that feeling."

Inspiring Gwyneth Paltrow Quotes

  • "My life comes down to three moments: the death of my father, meeting my husband, and the birth of my daughter. Everything I did previous to that just doesn't seem to add up to very much."

  • "What I've learned is I want to enjoy my life, and food is a big part of it."

  • "To be a woman in your 40s, I think it's a fantastic decade."

  • "My father, he was like the rock. The guy you went to with every problem."

  • "I have a very highly developed sense of denial."

  • "I'm sort of getting into the idea of nourishing your inner aspect and doing that by investing in your family and making a meal and creating time together."

  • "I really worry about the state of the planet and I wish everyone would make a concerned effort not to trash it."

  • "My life is good because I am not passive about it."

  • "You can call me a lot of things, but you can't call me complacent."

  • "I say what I think, and I stand behind what I say."

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