Our Honest Review of Grüvi's Alcohol-Free Craft Beverages

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Time to get Grüvi!

Grüvi's Alcohol-Free Craft Beverages Made Me a Beer Person

I have never been a beer person.

I've given the grains-based beverage a go many times, but it never settled well with me or my stomach.

So you're likely as surprised as I was to discover booze-free beer is something I quite enjoy.

It all started when I was pitched reviewing Grüvi, a company that brews non-alcoholic craft beverages. I'll admit that I almost passed on trying out their line of beverages, seeing as I don't like beer, but as someone who has grown increasingly sober curious over the years, I decided to give the drinks a taste test.

Never, in a million, billion years, did I ever think I would enjoy alcohol-free craft beer as much as I did. Learn more about Grüvi below, along with my full experience with their line of beverages!

About Grüvi

As previously mentioned, Grüvi crafts non-alcoholic beverages that break the traditional mold of alcohol-free drinks. They aim to make beverages that appeal not only to those who prefer to remain sober, but those who are beer and wine-lovers.

With their great-tasting drinks, they hope to challenge the societal norms surrounding alcohol. It's so prevalent in our lives, but does it need to be? Grüvi wants you to think about that.

Their current line of drinks includes a prosecco, a weisse (the first ever non-alcoholic sour beer), and an IPA, with a non-alcoholic stout slated to be released in 2020.

My Honest Review of Grüvi

Grüvi has three non-alcoholic craft beverages available: Prosecco, weisse, and IPA. I was able to try those three. Though a stout is coming sometime next year, I wasn't lucky enough to get my hands on that one to review.


I love a good prosecco. Give me that over champagne any day. For me, prosecco has always had a sweeter, lighter taste than even the most expensive of champagnes.

This was the Grüvi beverage I was most excited to try, so I already went in with high expectations. It did not disappoint. I easily could've drank the entire four-pack of bottles I received in one sitting.

Made with chardonnay wine grapes, it was the right amount of floral and tart flavors that I simply could not get enough of it. Not to mention, each bottle is only 50 calories and it's sulfate and gluten-free.

Even the biggest prosecco snobs will enjoy this non-alcoholic take on a classic wine.


Aside from the prosecco, I didn't expect to like the two non-alcoholic beers. At the very least, I was hoping I could tolerate them. Well, I played myself, because I really enjoyed them.

I don't believe I've ever had a real weisse, or any sort of sour beer for that matter, so I wasn't entirely sure what to anticipate when I took my first sip. A really smooth sour, citrus taste enveloped my mouth, which was a delight to my taste buds.

It was far more refreshing than any beer I had ever taken a sip of, which was quite the shock to my system. I didn't think I would ever enjoy any beverage that came even remotely close to being a beer, but this was an excellent sour.

I will note that enjoying it with some pretzels (hard or soft) made the experience even more enjoyable.


Of the three drinks, the IPA was the one I figured I'd absolutely have to force myself to even take a single sip of. I've dabbled with a few IPAs before, but they were never my jam.

I'm a hard cider girl through and through, so it takes a lot for me to venture outside of that area. I've never enjoyed anything that noted it was "hoppy". That is an adjective I'd use to describe a bunny, not something I drink.

Grüvi's take on an IPA is brewed with citra, galaxy, and mosaic hops, so it is meant to be hoppy. And while it was, I actually enjoyed it? Yes, I'm confused as to why I liked this drink. It has hoppy written all over it, and yet, I finished the entire six-pack in a matter of days.

Apart from being hoppy, the citrusy, bitter notes really sold me on this non-alcoholic IPA. I have to imagine that fans of IPAs would be impressed at how similar this is to an alcoholic IPA, but with a fraction of the calories.

After trying each and every one of Grüvi's non-alcoholic beverages, I still have to give the crown to the prosecco. It was so deliciously sweet and everything I love in a prosecco, sans the headache.

That being said, I still loved the weisse and the IPA. I really didn't think I, a non-beer person, would even be able to finish one can, yet I finished both six-packs. And that four-pack of prosecco faster than I'd like to admit.

Whether you're sober curious or even a beer and wine-lover, you'll enjoy Grüvi's line of beverages.

Where to Get Grüvi

If you happen to live in Colorado, there are slew of lounges and bars that feature Grüvi's non-alcoholic beverages. You can find those here.

I know not everyone calls Colorado home, and so does Grüvi. That's why you can order their line of drinks directly on their site here.

I suggest starting with the sample pack, which features four cans/bottles of each Grüvi beverage, so you can discover which one you like best. Order that here.

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