15 Best 'Goosebumps' Quotes From the Movie

jack black, Dylan Minnette, and Odeya Rush in the live-action 'Goosebumps' movie
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Do you believe in monsters?

These Goosebumps Movie Quotes Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

We all know Goosebumps as a series of books that terrorized our childhood.

Though they gave us nightmares, we couldn't wait to read through them every Halloween season. When we don't feel like reading, we turn to the Goosebumps movie to get us in the spooky spirit.

An underrated live-action that takes every one of R.L. Stine's iconic monsters from page to screen, we'll find any excuse to talk about Goosebumps. Lucky for us (and really, all of you), the Halloween season gives us that in.

To prove you need to watch this movie along with reading the books, we've rounded up the best Goosebumps movie quotes here. Read them all now!

Best Goosebumps Movie Quotes

  • "Hello. My name is Mr. R.L. Stine. Every story ever told can be broken down into three parts. The beginning. The middle. And the twist." -R.L. Stine

  • "Are you always this sarcastic?" -Hannah

  • "You're him, aren't you? You're R.L.Stine." -Zach

  • "R. L. who? I don't know who that is." -R.L. Stine

  • "She's locked in this house and her dad's a psychopath." -Zach

Funny Goosebumps Movie Quotes

  • "Y'know how they say teenagers have no fear of death? That they're never gonna get hurt? Well not me, okay? I was born with the gift of fear." -Champ

  • "Don't take it personally. He doesn't really like anyone."-Hannah

  • "You have the right to remain... silent." -Slappy

  • "I know I speak for the entire administration when I say how excited we are about this Friday's dance. We can't stop twerking about it." -Gale

  • "The Abominable Snowman just crawled out of a book, that doesn't just happen!" -Champ

Iconic Goosebumps Movie Quotes

  • "You see the endings coming from a mile away. It's like, stop trying to be Stephen King, man." -Zach

  • "Let me tell you something about Steve King. Steve King wishes he could write like me. I've sold way more books than him, but no one ever talks about that!" -R.L. Stine

  • "How many sweet sixteens can one girl have? Zach, it's time to move on. Now open the book, scaredy-cat." -Hannah

  • "Okay, look! Where do I begin? When I was younger, I suffered from terrible allergies that kept me indoors. And all the kids threw rocks at my window and called me names. So I created my own friends. Monsters, demons, ghouls to terrorize my neighbourhood and all the kids that made fun of me. And they became real to me. And then one day... they actually... became... real. My monsters literally leapt off the page. As long as the books remain locked, we're safe, but when they open, well, you've just seen what happens." -R.L. Stine

  • "Gnomes? Maybe, they're friendly ... Not friendly! Definitely not friendly!" -Zach

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