How Do Women Really Feel About Going Out Braless?

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Women Reveal How They REALLY Feel About Going Out Braless

To free the nipple or to not free the nipple?

It seems to be a major topic of discussion for many women these days, as we've all started to realize not being able to walk around without a shirt on is somewhat sexist. If a man can show his nipples, why can't we?

Though walking around without a top on is (fairly) too much for some, many women are ditching their bras to roam wherever they please without their boobs being stuck in a cage like a zoo animal. (Let the record show we don't support zoos.)

Many women have fully embraced doing this, while others are still on the fence. The subreddit AskWomen wanted to get to the bottom of whether or not going out braless is something all women should consider.

Plenty of valid points were made, so let's not dilly-dally and get into them now!

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Protect Your Nipples

Reddit user todayonbloopers shares they always wear a bra, mainly to "protect the nipples from chafing."

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Not Wearing One Is Fun

Reddit user blondeshellz notes that "being 'seen' is half the fun." We wholeheartedly agree.

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Too Much Movement

Reddit user the-one217 mentions that having large melons makes going out without a bra somewhat annoying.

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It's Easier for Those With Smaller Boobs

Reddit user cinnapear says she's a "board with nipples." I'm sure all you flat-chested girls can relate.

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To Each Their Own

Reddit user nevertruly says she won't do it, but doesn't care if other women do.

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Going Braless Can Help With Back Pain

Reddit user mikudayou states she's a proud A cup who noticed that not wearing a bra helped ease her back pain.

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You Can't Care What People Think

Reddit user DecentFig recounts a story of a time she went out without a bra and it didn't end well. Moral of the story, you really can't care what others think.

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It Shouldn't Only Be Acceptable for Women With Small Boobs

Reddit user campgoose makes a good point when she mentions it's more acceptable for women with smaller boobs. It should work for every type of woman, no matter how big their boobs are.

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Bras Should Be Optional for All

Ending on Reddit user cecikierk's very valid point, wearing a bra should be optional for everyone. Wear one or don't; the choice is yours, not anyone else's!

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