15 'Gentleman Jack' Quotes That Prove It's Underrated

Suranne Jones and Sophie Rundle in Gentleman Jack on HBO
Gentleman Jack via HBO

It's our latest HBO craze!

Gentleman Jack Will Be Your New Favorite Show After Reading These Quotes

Game of Thrones is finally over. Thank god, because I was started to get annoyed with that series and all those who watch it. Still am, but we'll put those feelings aside... for now.

Anyway, all you GoT fans probably feel lost and unsure of what to watch next. And after what you all claimed to be a horrible final season (by the way, my ending prediction was way better), you most definitely need a new HBO show to fill the void in your heart.

Lucky for you, I have found it. It's called Gentleman Jack and it happens to be based on a true story. I'll spare you all the history lesson by offering up something much more digestible—quotes from the series.

Get a little taste of why Gentleman Jack will become your new favorite thing on HBO by reading some of the best quotes from the series below!

Best Gentleman Jack Quotes

  • "However far away my sister goes, however long she's gone for, she always manages to become the topic of any given conversation." -Marian Lister

  • "You think because I'm a woman I'll be persuaded to take less?" -Anne Lister

  • "I want you to be happy, above all things." -Aunt Anne Lister

  • "You made my whole world a little bit brighter that day." -Ann Walker

  • "It's all well and good being different in York or Paris." -Marian Lister

Cute Gentleman Jack Quotes

  • "All she needs to do now is realize what she feels for me is love." -Anne Lister

  • "Ms. Lister is one of the most interesting people I've ever met." -Ann Walker

  • "I'm a woman." -Anne Lister

  • "Don't think one hour passed where I didn't think of you." -Anne Lister

  • "Aren't we lucky to be alive? To have life?" -Anne Lister

Empowering Gentleman Jack Quotes

  • "I'm not someone who'll be intimidated." -Anne Lister

  • "I was born like this. Why should I compromise myself?" -Anne Lister

  • "You've got to stop having such a poor opinion of yourself." -Ann Walker

  • "Don't hurt me. I'm not as strong as you think. Well I am, obviously... but, sometimes I'm not." -Anne Lister

  • "When the time comes, us landlords must give as good as we get." -Anne Lister

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