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Geeky Sex Toys Interview

The world is filled with unique sex toy companies, though not many are like Geeky Sex Toys.

The Australian-based brand boasts an interesting roster of products. From tentacle dildos to octopus butt plugs, their sex toy stock is entirely quirky and distinctive.

Perhaps they're best known for their toys inspired by TV shows and movies like Game of Thrones, The Avengers, Star Wars, and plenty more.

There's no limit to their ability to turn your favorite pop culture references into something sexual, and we're definitely here for it.

We chatted with one of the company's founders, Emma Tripp, to discover how Geeky Sex Toys came to be, the way they come up with their products, and what other things they have in the works.

Check out our exclusive interview below! How did Geeky Sex Toys come to be?

Emma Tripp: My partner Josh and I had always wanted to start a business together. We decided we wanted that business to sell a product and after a few weeks of brainstorming we came up with the idea for Geeky Sex Toys. Although, we just assumed it had already been done and tabled the idea for a while. One day, Josh came home and said we really need to look more into this dildo making idea, so we did. He took a day off work, created the first prototype (it was terrible). We improved from there and a few weeks later, we had a website and a product to sell.

WDC: What's been your favorite memory working with Geeky Sex Toys so far?

ET: Definitely the ability to work with my boyfriend/partner all day every day. We started this business together after only being in a relationship for about a year. Three years into the company and we still absolutely love working side by side every single day.

WDC: What was the first sex toy ever made for the site? Which one has been the top seller?

ET: Laser Sword dildo. Originally we were only going to sell that one product, but we got flooded with requests for other products, so we just had to expand. Our Limited Edition Aquamoan is our best seller at the moment. We sold virtually all 500 of them in just a few short months, which is incredible.

WDC: Do you have any favorite toys on the site?

ET: My favorite toy is usually the one that has just been released. Then once we start selling them and I have to make each and every one of them, all I can think about is which toy we get to work on next.

WDC: How do you decide which movies and TV shows will get their own Geeky Sex Toy line?

ET: We have a giant list (from our own ideas and lots of people's popular suggestions). Usually, we'll just base it off what's the most popular at the time, what we're most interested in, or what idea lends itself to a sex toy really well. Usually, Josh will come to me saying he has the best idea ever. We'll then sketch up a rough concept together, then he will go off and 3D model or sculpt it.

WDC: Are there any collections you're working on you can tell us about?

ET: We're about to release some more Game of Moans products very, very soon. One of which could possibly be best looking dildo ever, according to Josh. It'll be limited edition, so stay tuned for that.

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