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Are your sex stories this embarrassing?

These Awkward Sex Stories Will Make You Feel Less Embarrassed About Yours

Everybody has an embarrassing sex story (or two or three or four), everybody.

Even though you may think you're alone and that your awkward sexual excursion is the most mortifying thing to ever happen to you, someone else out there as one as equally humiliating.

To prove you're not the only one, we've rounded up some hilarious sex stories from the internet to make you feel less ashamed about your sexual acts.

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Dogs Don't Belong in the Bedroom

TIFU by not locking my dogs out of the room during sex from r/tifu

Talk About Rolling on the Floor Laughing

via Reddit

Yes, Yes It Does

via Reddit

The Shower Is No Place for Sex

Again, Don't Have Shower Sex

It's Getting Hot in Here... Too Hot

Ladies, Has This Ever Happened to You?

Even the Stars of Sex Education Have Some Embarrassing Sex Stories

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