Fruitstitute Will Help You Grow Closer With Your Fruit Tree

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Fruitstitute Will Help You Grow Closer With Your Fruit Tree

Fruit trees tend to go to waste in Los Angeles.

Not many people know how to take care of them or what to do with an abundance of fruit, so they uproot it and move on.

If you're about to give up on your fruit tree, stop! Allow us to introduce you to Fruitstitute, a fruit tree-specific care and education service for backyard growers. Founded by fruit tree expert Joanna Glovinsky, their mission is to pioneer a new fruitscape.

Learn more about all Fruitstitute has to offer by reading our interview with the team below! How did Fruitstitute come to be?

Fruitstitute team: Joanna recognized the need for fruit tree education and pruning service in Los Angeles over the course of her years working with the artist collective Fallen Fruit, planting fruit trees in public spaces. She recognized a hole in the market and a robust demand so she started Fruitstitute. It's the first and only fruit tree care-specific business in the city.

She advertised on the neighborhood social media platform Nextdoor and from there she was booked solid within three weeks. As Jo says, the job chose her.

WDC: What's the story behind the name Fruitstitute?

FT: Jo's plan was to call it the Urban Fruit Institute. Over a glass of wine, she shared the idea with her cousin who exclaimed, 'It's a Fruitstitute!'

The initial vision was for an orchard classroom/event space that showcased regenerative agriculture principles, building soil to grow healthy ecologies. The goal was to create a place where people could learn about compost, growing fruit, and backyard orcharding experientially.

WDC: What are some of the biggest misconceptions surrounding fruit tree care?

FT: The biggest misconception is that fruit trees will continue to bear fruit without being tended to. Most fruit trees we have in our backyards were designed by humans on orchards, so they actually need a very specialized program of care to produce quantity and quality fruit over the years. The first step in combating this is education. Our business is designed to give Angelino's backyard tree knowledge to help them produce the juiciest fruit.

WDC: Why is it important that we take care of our fruit trees?

FT: If you want good fruit, you need to provide your trees with annual care at a minimum. You can always go to the store and buy seemingly "fresh" fruit. But where does this actually come from, how far has it traveled, and what is in that soil? If you look into any Angelino's yard, you will most likely see an endlessly abundant resource of fresh, local fruit and yet we are so abstracted from food production. Through education and connecting people to the fruit trees right outside their doors, we can help them understand the value of this abundant resource readily available to all.

WDC: Can you tell us a little bit about Fruitstitution and what it offers backyard growers?

FT: The Fruitstitution is an online encyclopedia containing cultural, historical, and practical information on fruit trees. It's the educational wing of the Fruitstitute and will be the first of its kind. Fruitsitution's encyclopedia will be created and maintained through the collaborative effort of Fruitstitue members and the community at large.

An ever-evolving repository of fruit cultivation practices, our goal is to educate the community and provide a reliable database specific to the Southern California climate. The website will offer how-to guides and information on varietal care for backyard growers.

WDC: What's your advice for those who want to get into growing, but are hesitant to do so?

FT: Start small and start with a citrus. They're easy and abundant in SoCal and well suited for the climate. Anyone can own a fruit tree so long as you remember to provide it with a little care. If you have a tree in need or want to learn how to plant, you know who to call.

WDC: What's been the most rewarding part of working with Fruitstitute?

FT: Seeing the response from the trees themselves! It's so exciting to bring vitality back to sad, sorry trees and inspire the potential for backyard food production. As we have transformed trees, we also transform our bodies. This work has been a force of empowerment for all of us and the landscapes we encounter. We also love our clients and the connections we've made through this business.

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