Best Way to Experience FounderMade's Consumer Discovery Show

Woman smelling a product at the FounderMade Consumer Discovery Show
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The show's founder reveals all.

FounderMade's Meghan Asha Reveals How to Make the Most of Your Time at the Consumer Discovery Show

Starting as a dinner series for entrepreneurs only two years ago, FounderMade's Consumer Discovery Show has quickly blossomed into one of the most impactful trade shows for consumer brands to launch their products and innovations through beauty and wellness.

Next Thursday, Oct. 4, CDS will kick off at the Barkar Hanger in Santa Monica. Featuring a variety of brands in the food, beauty, and wellness sphere and influential speakers in the various industries, attendees have a ton to look forward to.

We spoke with the company's founder, Meghan Asha, about how CDS attendees can make the most of their experience at the summit. Read the advice she had to share on the five things you must do, if you're going to CDS below!

Look for Launches

Many of the exhibitors of the show will be showcasing their brand new products for the very first time, so it's important to be aware of those.

"There'll be a ton of different product launches happening at the show, everything from cordless hair dyers to vegan eggs," Asha tells us over the phone. "There's even a whole hair system that protects your hair from water. Apparently, water damages your hair. I had no idea until I tried this system."


The first most important thing attendees should do is experience. Soak in all the show has to offer and then some.

"Experience the best consumer brands," Asha says. "We'll be having a ton of different experiences and activations on the show floor. There will be everything from selfie cookies to having your face on a latte. It's so fun."


Along with experiencing, take time to discover. With so many exhibitors, it's important not to get too caught up on one product. See all CDS has to offer.

If you're a VIP attendee, you'll get to discover many of these products through your luxurious gift bag.

"We have an amazing gift bag that we're giving to our VIP attendees," Asha notes. "That's about $700 worth of all this newly launched product in food, wellness, and beauty."


Every exhibitor at the show is an entrepreneur or a C-level executive. Asha notes attendees will be able to rub elbows with the creators behind many of the products there, so be sure to ask them why they built what they did, what they're launching, and what they're innovating on.

"You get to learn from the best CEOs in the business," she says. "We have the founder of Pressed Juicery, Vega, Clarisonic—you name it, you get to learn from all these luminaries. It's super honest and open, almost like founder therapy."


Again, there'll be many product launches and fun items to try. The best part? Many will be available for purchase.

"There'll be products all at discounts," Asha notes. "There'll be a ton of new products you couldn't get to actually purchase beforehand. They're launching things you can only purchase at CDS. We also have a bunch of retailers all doing 1:1 meetings with our brands, as well."

Can't Make It?

If you're not able to attend the CDS West this year, the next one will be on June 26 in New York. Let the countdown begin!

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