15 Sweetest Quotes From Netflix's 'Falling Inn Love'

Christina Milian falling on top of Adam Demos in Netflix's 'Falling Inn Love'
Falling Inn Love via Netflix

We've fallen in love with this Netflix rom-com!

Prepare to Swoon Over These Sweet Falling Inn Love Quotes

We're a sucker for a good romantic comedy. Heck, we're a sucker for a bad romantic comedy. If it has romance and comedy, we'll watch it and likely love it more than we should.

This rings true with Netflix's latest rom-com, Falling Inn Love. It's not bad per say, it simply has a few things that need tweaking, but which rom-com doesn't?

Anyway, everyone who has seen the film knows it's definitely a guilty pleasure. We'll be watching it until the next great Netflix rom-com is released. And once we tire of that, we'll be reading these sweet quotes from Falling Inn Love to remind us that true love exists.

Best Falling Inn Love Quotes

  • "Never assume anything on the internet matches its profile picture." -Gabriela

  • "You look like you've seen a ghost." -Charlotte

  • "I do have my real life to get back to." -Gabriela

  • "What can I get ya?" -Anaaki

  • "Directions to Bellbird Valley Farm, I'm the new owner." -Gabriela

Cute Falling Inn Love Quotes

  • "Well, I always took to building. Made me feel a little less..." -Jake

  • "A little less broken." -Gabriela

  • "I believe Beachwood Down's most eligible bachelor might be keen on you." -Shelley

  • "I'm guessing the universe has it's own plan for things, eh?" -Jake

  • "Seems to me you haven't told her how you actually feel." -Shelley

Sweet Falling Inn Love Quotes

  • "I like to imagine a fairytale ending." -Gabriela

  • "It's the happiest I've been in a long time." -Jake

  • "I'm hoping this is a love letter and not a business agreement." -Gabriela

  • "It's definitely a love letter." -Jake

  • "You know, working on the inn made me really happy." -Gabriela

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