What to Know About Face Haus, the Facial Bar for the People

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Get to know the facial bar for the people!

Everything You Need to Know About Face Haus

There's a new bar in town perfect for all your girls' night out events, but it's not the type of bar you're thinking of.

Rather than serving alcohol, this hot spot offers something even more nourishing and far less regretful—facials.

Allow us to introduce you to Face Haus.

Launched in 2013, this skincare wonderland is known for providing "facials for the people."

I was lucky enough to attend the grand opening of their new store at USC Village, where I was treated to complimentary lip and eye treatments that plumped my pout and brightened my under eyes in a gorgeously designed space.

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Though it's a truly luxurious destination and experience, your wallet won't feel it. The difference between Face Haus and other high-end skincare locations is that Face Haus' treatments are all incredibly affordable.

"The focus was on reimagining the luxury, elite spa model," co-founder Jenn Worley says. "We wanted a unisex, high-design, open-concept and open-minded 'haus,' where everyone was welcome and neither the space nor the cost was an intimidation."

With their highest-priced facial starting at $95, Face Haus also offers more targeted treatments for just $10.

Each and every service is designed for people of all ages and skin types, so you're sure to find one on the menu that best suits your skincare needs.

"While our Haus Menu is broken down into an awesome collection, it's also a custom conversation with your facialist at the beginning of every facial that will determine what's best for your skin and goals," Jenn notes. "Some of our most popular facials would be Spotless Reputation, Teen Spirit, Keep Glowing, Haus Special, and Dr. Lancer's United We Smooth. Our new LED add-on has been a huge success, as well."

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Getting a facial will last anywhere from 40 to 55 minutes, depending on which treatments you choose. Jenn mentions that her favorites change with the season, but there are a few she's thoroughly obsessed with.

"I'm a big fan of the Haus Special Facial with a Universal A-peel and Beam Me Up add-on," she shares. "The peel and LightStim LED combined with our signature oxygen blast leaves the skin incredibly renewed and hydrated."

Sign me up, please! After my first experience, I think I've found my new favorite bar to spend all my Friday nights at.

Face Haus is currently only located in the Southern California area, but Jenn says they plan on expanding in the fall.

"We're excited to build Haus in both Manhattans—Manhattan Beach, CA and Manhattan, NYC," she notes. "We have some other incredible innovations and Hauses in the pipeline, but it's too early to share, so stay tuned."

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