15 Elizabeth Warren Quotes That'll Prepare You for 2020

Elizabeth Warren hugging one of her grassroots supporters at a rally
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Is she your presidential candidate?

Elizabeth Warren Has a Plan—the Proof Is in These Quotes

As 2020 nears, we're keeping a close eye on the Democratic presidential candidates in the running.

Our current candidate to beat is Elizabeth Warren. After watching her in the latest Democratic debates, it's clear this senator from Massachusetts has a plan and knows exactly how to execute it.

She's fierce and stands by everything she says, which can't be said for every politician. The list of reasons why we think Warren should be the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate is far too long to rattle off here. Instead, we'll leave you with some Elizabeth Warren quotes that prove how incredible she really is!

Best Elizabeth Warren Quotes

  • "There's a lot at stake for our democracy. But we can't choose a candidate we don't believe in just because we're afraid. I'm not afraid."

  • "Democrats win when we figure out what is right, and we get out there and fight for it. I am not afraid, and for Democrats to win, you can't be afraid either."

  • "I got a plan for this."

  • "You know, this is a fight from the heart."

  • "I warned about an economic crash years before the 2008 crisis, but the people in power wouldn't listen. Now I'm seeing serious warning signs again."

Inspiring Elizabeth Warren Quotes

  • "I learned a long time ago that you don't get what you don't fight for. We're in this fight for our lives, for our children, for our planet, for our futures—and we will not turn back."

  • "Our movement won't be divided by our differences. It will be united by the values we share."

  • "I promise you this: I will fight for you as hard as I fight for my family."

  • "The word's out: I'm a woman, and I'm going to have trouble backing off on that. I am what I am. I'll go out and talk to people about what's happening to their families, and when I do that, I'm a mother. I'm a grandmother."

  • "A good education is a foundation for a better future."

Empowering Elizabeth Warren Quotes

  • "It's a simple idea: We all do better when we work together and invest in our future."

  • "It's so easy to focus on what could go wrong, on what else you could do before you try the thing you really want to do. No. Just get out there and try."

  • "You can't predict it all. People will tell you to plan, to focus. They will tell you that if you want to succeed, you must stubbornly stay on your path no matter what. And they will be right. But they will also be wrong."

  • "Change is hard. And if you don't fight for it, you can't win. But change can happen."

  • "Don't be so focused in your plans that you are unwilling to consider the unexpected."

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