15 Eli Manning Quotes That Are Full of Motivation

Eli Manning getting ready to throw a football during a NY Giants practice
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He's a 10!

These Eli Manning Quotes Deserve to Be on Motivational Posters Everywhere

I have been a New York Giants fan for many years. And for most of that time, Eli Manning was my quarterback.

I was there for helmet catch. I was there for Manning to Manningham. I'm still here. While he's not the starting QB for the rest of the season, but he's still No. 10 in my heart.

The best way I know to honor all this man has done for the franchise is by sharing some of Eli's most inspiring quotes throughout the years. Read them now!

Best Eli Manning Quotes

  • "With the game on the line. I want the ball in my hands."

  • "Be committed to whatever you're doing. That's something I've taken to heart and tried to do with whatever activities I take up."

  • "I go through life with a smile because I know things can be worse than they are."

  • "I like making fun of myself; I don't want to make fun of other people, so I don't mind doing something out of character that some people might not expect me to do."

  • "I'm the type of person who loves to stay busy, even in my off-season."

Inspiring Eli Manning Quotes

  • "I don't think in the past. I don't think in the future. You grasp the moment."

  • "We just have to go after our game plan."

  • "I'm the opposite of jealous."

  • "I'm worried about doing my best, playing to my potential, helping out my teammates, and trying to win games for the Giants."

  • "Money isn't always going to make it happen. It's important to be around people that have the right kind of attitude, being happy about what you're doing."

Motivational Eli Manning Quotes

  • "No, we believed in ourselves all year. That's the position you want to be in."

  • "It's all about having fun. Play hard and fair, don't hurt anybody. Feel good about what you're doing and how you're doing it."

  • "You can't join a team and give up on it because you lose a few games or things aren't going well."

  • "My idea is, I shine, you shine. If I'm doing well and you're with me, you do well."

  • "I think big-that's what my mother taught me. If you think small and accomplish it, what does it mean? Who cares? To me the sky's the limit, and I'm going to try and get there."

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