15 Eddie Kaspbrak Quotes to Always Remember Him By

Eddie Kaspbrak talking on the phone while showing off his 'Lover' cast in 'It'
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Forever in our hearts!

Memorize These Eddie Kaspbrak Quotes so You Never Forget Him

It's been almost two months since It Chapter Two was released, yet we still start to get teary-eyed whenever anyone brings up Eddie Kaspbrak. Yes, it is still too soon to talk about that ending.

Eddie deserved better, we all know that to be true. While we can't bring him back, we can make sure we never forget him. One of the easiest ways to do that is by memorizing these Eddie Kaspbrak quotes. Better yet, you can tattoo them on your body. Whatever floats your boat. Sorry, bad joke.

Best Eddie Kaspbrak Quotes

  • "This is summer! We're kids. I can barely breathe. I'm having a fucking asthma attack!"

  • "IT saw us. IT saw us and knows where we are!"

  • "Beep-beep, motherfucker!"

  • "My mom's gonna kill me."

  • "I think it's great we're helping the new kid, but we also need to think of our own safety. I mean, he's bleeding all over and you guys know that there's an AIDS epidemic out there right now, as we speak, right? I mean, my mom's friend in New York City got it just by touching a dirty pole in the subway and enough of AIDS blood got into his system from a hangnail. A hangnail!"

Funny Eddie Kaspbrak Quotes

  • "You know what these are? They're gazebos! They're bullshit!"

  • "He was, like, a walking infection."

  • "You should cut that fucking mullet. It's been, like, 30 years, man."

  • "Don't you watch Geraldo?"

  • "Have you ever heard of a staph infection?"

Cute Eddie Kaspbrak Quotes

  • "Go get my bifocals. I hid them in my second fanny pack."

  • "There's a kid outside that looks like someone killed him."

  • "Do not fucking touch me!"

  • "Oh shit. Oh god. Oh fuck! I don't like this."

  • "My mom will have an aneurysm, okay, if she finds out we're playing down here, I'm serious."

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