40 Best Tattoos Dedicated to RuPaul's Drag Race

RuPaul on the runway of RuPaul's Drag Race with a shocked expression on her face
RuPaul's Drag Race via VH1

Good luck! And may the best tattoo, win!

These Fans Love Drag Race so Much, They Got Tattoos Dedicated to the Show

RuPaul's Drag Race is a cultural phenomenon. Everyone and their mother is obsessed with the show, and for good reason.

Who doesn't enjoy watching drag queens parade around in over-the-top getups while not-so-subtly throwing shade at one another? We've been hooked for years, but we're glad the rest of the world has finally caught on.

Still, we're nowhere near as dedicated as these loyal fans who've gotten tattoos dedicated to the show and its various contestants and judges. To paraphrase Kennedy Davenport, they're beautiful.

Scroll through them now to find inspiration for your next Drag Race-inspired tattoo!

1. Shantay, This Tattoo Stays:

2. The Most Iconic Ruveal of All Time:

3. Orange You Glad You Saw This Tattoo:

4. Teleport Us to the Nearest Tattoo Shop:

5. Not Today:

6. You Will If You Don't Get This Tattoo:

7. Motha Is Here... And so Is Ornacia:

8. Sage Advice:

9. It's Lil' Poundcake:

10. C'mon Dr. Seuss:

11. Can I Get an Amen Up in Here:

12. Hello, Kitty Girl:

13. If You Can't Read Yourself, How in the Hell Can You Read Somebody Else:

14. Only the Cool Kids Know:

15. Nice Ass:

16. Clack:

17. You Better Werk:

18. We Say This Phrase at Least Seven Times Per Day:

19. Soak It Up:

20. Who Gets a Pissed Off Librarian Tattooed on Their Body:

21. Always:

22. For All the Libras Out There:

23. This Is a Lip Sync for Your Life:

24. She's a Woman:

25. Chunky Yet Funky:

26. You Heard the Seagull:

27. That's Quite the Introduction:

28. We Wouldn't Dare:

29. Are Your Nails Done:

30. She's Back Again:

31. The Skinniest of Legends:

32. Spritz, Spritz:

33. This One Really Speaks for Itself:

34. She'll Destroy You With Her Makeup Skills:

35. You Heard Her:

36. Slaying the Afterlife:

37. Tear It Apart:

38. Moment of Silence for the Savior of Drag Queens

39. Collect All Four:

40. The Library Is Open:

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