15 Best Quotes From 'Dollface'

Dollface via Hulu

Have you watched this Hulu original series yet?

These 15 Dollface Quotes Will Have You Questioning Your Relationships

We never knew we needed a show dedicated to rekindling female friendships until Dollface came into our lives.

The Hulu original series really made us question our own relationships, as we binged through the show faster than most. We were not-so-subtly reminded how important having a tight-knit girl group is above all else.

For those of you who've already bonded with the series, or even those of you who haven't given it a chance yet, we rounded up some of the best Dollface quotes that'll have you questioning everything you know about relationships, friendships, and more.

Read through them now!

Best Dollface Quotes

  • "Should I be aware of anything else in my life that completely revolves around you?" -Jules

  • "Surrounding yourself with women is important." -Madison

  • "I was so caught up in my relationship that I abandoned an entire gender of friendships." -Jules

  • "Keeping secrets makes us close!" -Izzy

  • "Babe, you need to shake up your life. Instead of looking for a place, have a travel moment. Get yourself a map, put your finger on the farthest place you can imagine, and then throw out the map and go to Costa Rica." -Stella

Cute Dollface Quotes

  • "I feel like I have been doing amazing at being a girl." -Jules

  • "Women need each other now, more than ever. Turn your back on them, you'll end up alone." -Cat Lady

  • "I lost myself in this relationship and now things are getting weird." -Jules

  • "Here's to second chances for old friends." -Stella

  • "Don't call me Dollface." -Jules

Funny Dollface Quotes

  • "Oh my god, Jeremy broke up with you." -Madison

  • "You are charged with murdering the buzz in the first degree." -Judge

  • "What? You've never seen an old cat lady before?" -Cat Lady

  • "This is gonna be more fun for me if we're all drunk." -Stella

  • "Friends can't expire. Friends aren't milk." -Jules

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