Review of Deew Beauty's Cannabis-Infused Nourishing Crèmes

Woman using Deew Beauty's Highly Nourishing Crème
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The perfect product for the canna-curious!

Deew Beauty Review

Cannabis-infused beauty products are all the rage these days.

From lip balm to moisturizer, just about every product you can think of can be upgraded with a little CBD.

While I'm not fully invested in this new beauty trend, I do consider myself to be canna-curious, meaning I'm highly curious about cannabis (duh). So when Deew Beauty (weed spelled backwards) offered to send me some of their cannabis-infused products, I jumped at the chance to try them.

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About Deew Beauty's Nourishing Crème

Deew Beauty has two different nourishing crèmes (which are also vegan) in their product line: Uplift and Calm.

Uplift works to energize your skin with a blend of cannabis sativa seed oil, argon oil, and murumuru butter. The mix of vitamins and minerals are skin energizing and protecting. This crème works best to give you a boost of energy going into your day and to help you focus throughout.

Calm will help you unwind and chill after a long, stressful day. Made with cannabis sativa seed oil, argon oil, and murumuru butter, it also does the job of energizing and protecting your skin. Just as nourishing as Uplift, these two products will keep your skin moisturized all day long—which is incredibly important during the chillier months.

My Experience With Deew Beauty's Nourishing Crèmes

A canna-curios individual myself, I haven't entirely dabbled in too many cannabis-infused beauty products. I wasn't entirely hesitant, I just like the beauty products I already use, so adding new ones to the mix is always tough. Change isn't really my thing, though I wish it was.

That all being said, I am so glad I was sent these nourishing crèmes from Deew Beauty. They are magic in a bottle.

Not only do they keep my skin as moisturized as ever, they've significantly helped me unwind after the few stressful days I've been having over the past few weeks. Life has been rough and I've had to deal with plenty of unnecessary roadblocks that don't make my situation any better.

Every day after I came home, I'd shower and then rub some of the Chill crème onto my face and body to help me relax. That's always been an issue for me, but Deew Beauty has made achieving my zen a lot easier.

I would use the Uplift every so often in the mornings, because I'm already so tightly wound and energized for the day ahead, thanks in large part to me never-ending to-do list. But on the days I did use it, I found it easier to stay focused and power through that midday slump.

It's safe to say these bad boys have secured their permanent place in my morning and nighttime skincare routine. They couldn't have come into my life during a better time.

If you want to try Deew Beauty's Nourishing Crèmes yourself, you can purchase them for $72 here!

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