10 Helpful Dating Profile Tips for Women

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Be wary of oversharing!

Follow These Dating Profile Tips for Women to Ensure You Find Love Online

Deciding on which dating app to sign up for is only have the battle.

After you've done some extensive research and figured out which site is best for you and your needs, now you're tasked with filling out a profile that'll really wow potential suitors.

While talking about yourself should be easy, it's one of the most difficult things to do. How are you supposed to tell the online dating community who you are and what you're looking for without giving too much away or leaving too much out? It's a tricky balancing act, but as women, we're great at juggling, so it's something we can manage.

Still, a few tips and tricks from others are always nice to hear, which is why we've rounded up 10 dating profile tips for women below.

Get ready to have the most desired online dating profile on the planet after you follow these tips!

1. Completely Fill Out Your Profile

Often times, people will leave their profiles blank and come back later to fill everything in. We all know that doesn't happen and you end up continuing your online dating experience with a fairly bare bones dating profile. It's safe to say that won't help you get a lot of matches. People want to know you before they decide to match with you, so you have to let them know who you are and what you're looking for, along with a few other details on your profile. Obviously, you don't need to give it all away, but be sure to fill out every section of your profile that you can. The more information you give, the better your chances are at finding love with someone who appreciates all you have to offer.

2. Add Lots of Photos of Yourself

Include all the photos of yourself where you look good on your profile. The key thing here is to use ones that accentuate your gorgeous features and don't hide them. So don't share a ton of photos of you wearing sunglasses. That's a surefire ay to not get any matches. Your potential suitors want to see you, so show them who you are through a nice photo. Also, don't add too many pictures of you with other people, because that can quickly get confusing. They might not know who you are in any of the photos or be under the impression you're someone else. That'll definitely call for an awkward first date.

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3. Use Recent Photos of Yourself

It's not enough to simply show your face in your photos, you have to make sure they're somewhat recent. They should be no older than two years. Even in a few months, you can look like a totally different person. Keep your photos as up-to-date as possible so that people aren't thrown off when you eventually meet up in person.

4. Give Them Something to Engage With

It's not enough to have great pictures and a thoroughly completed profile—oh no. You also need to leave your potential suitors with something to engage with. Bate them, so to speak. Leave them a question to answer in your profile or ask them to tell you about the last book they read. It can be whatever you want, so long as it allows them to respond. Because nothing is more frustrating than coming across a profile you're fascinated by only to have nothing to say. This is the only time you're allowed to put words in other people's mouths, so do so.

5. Focus on You

This should go without saying, but older women often forget to talk about themselves in their dating profile. They enjoy going on and on about their children and their accomplishments and so on. Remember, this dating profile is about you and no one else. Represent yourself as best you can, without focusing on other people.

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6. Be Confident

Confidence is always something people find attractive. What's sexier than someone who knows what they wants and isn't afraid to go for it? Not many things, we'll say that much. It's not always something that's easy to get across on a dating profile, but it can show through how you talk about yourself and the pictures you use. Don't play timid or shy, because that surely won't get you far on the dating sites.

7. Stay Positive

Don't dwell on the negative or drudge up trauma to seek pity or seem relatable. Keep your profile as positive as possible. No one finds a Negative Nancy the least bit interesting, and if they do, they're probably not someone you want to date. As important as it is to give details, getting into the realm of where things went wrong and all that jazz will only drag you and your profile down.

8. Update Your Profile Often

We're all changing as humans on a daily basis. We're not entirely the same person we were a few months ago, so your profile should reflect that. Maybe after some time seriously dating, you've realized you're looking for something fun. Change your profile so potential suitors are aware of this and it doesn't come as a shock on the first, second, or third date. And, as always, be sure to update your photos whenever you can. The second you update your look, switch up your profile to let everyone know.

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9. Don't Aim to Please Everyone

It's a fact of life that not everyone is going to like you, so why would you flub your dating profile to be something for everyone? That's right, you wouldn't. Because as our mothers taught us, a friend to all is a friend to none. You are not everyone's cup of tea and you don't have to be. The same way you won't find everyone on these dating sites attractive, people might not be interested in you. Don't let that discourage you, because there are still plenty of fish in the sea.

10. Don't Take It Too Seriously

Say it with us: This is just a dating profile. It doesn't need to be perfect, so don't try to achieve that. Because guess what, that's impossible and you'll end up with a profile that comes off as too try-hard. Someone might engage with it, but many won't. Have fun with it and fill it out however you want to fill it out.

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