10 Dating at 50 Red Flags to Look Out For

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Does something feel wrong?

10 Dating at 50 Red Flags Every Woman Needs to Be Aware Of

No matter how much the movies try to convince us, dating isn't smooth sailing.

It's a very tricky thing to navigate, no matter how old you get. Though most things get better with age, romance isn't one of them. It ain't easy being single at 50, whether you've remained that way by choice or recently got divorced.

Putting yourself "out there" requires more effort than should be necessary. Still, we want to find the one for us, so we opt to meet for dinner or drinks with complete strangers in the hopes we don't wind up alone forever. Silly as that sounds, we all know it's true.

If anyone understands the woes of dating, it's us. We've been through the ringer multiple times and are even still going through it. We've made many mistakes, most of them we want you to learn from. One particular one being paying more attention to red flags or even being aware of what they are.

We had our blinders on to these warnings and blew through a few red lights in hopes our ignorance would lead to bliss. Long story short, that wasn't how it went.

Regardless, now we know to be hyperaware of red flags. To make sure you are, too, we rounded up 10 dating at 50 red flags every woman needs to be aware of. Check them out below!

1. Their Online Dating Profile Is Pretty Bare

This point might not apply to everyone, but many over 50 are turning to online dating to find the person of their dreams. If you're one of them, be weary of profiles that don't say much. If they have one or two pictures that look old, don't have a bio, and don't really offer any other sort of information about themselves, that doesn't mean they're mysterious. There's a reason they're being private online and that's probably because they're not looking for anything serious. Heck, they could've made that profile and completely forgotten about it, thus not every checking it. Avoid falling for anyone with a sparse profile at all costs.

2. They Only Talk About Themselves

This is a red flag you'll notice right away on a first date, and one we've ignored a countless number of times. If the person you're meeting with only discusses their past, present, and future without ever inquiring about yours, get out of there. Big shock right here, but doing so is likely a sign that they're narcissistic and should be avoided at all costs.

3. They're Always Busy

Newsflash: We're all busy. We all have a lot on our plates and need more hours in the day than our given. But if the person you're seeing always uses this as an excuse, chances are they're using it as a defense mechanism and might not really be all that into you. If someone really wants to be with you, they'll find time to be with you. It's that simple, so don't let yourself believe otherwise.

4. Their Communication Skills Are Subpar

We've said it before and we'll say it again, strong communication is the basis for any relationship. This doesn't mean you only need to talk about the good times, but should be willing to talk through the rough patches and tough times. You have to be able to express your feelings, all of them. If they have trouble even telling you about your day, that's definitely not a good sign. While some people take a while to open up, if it's been months of them saying they're fine, nothing is going to progress in your relationship ever.

5. They Keep Bringing Up the Past

Don't bring up the past in a relationship. It's bound to happen, but keep it brief. What happened is now in the past and you need to move forward. If they keep bringing up previous relationships and venting out what went wrong, they're probably not over what happened and can't move forward in a happy, healthy relationship. Don't get trapped consoling someone who really just wants things to go back to the way they were. They are not your problem to solve and it's not selfish to think that way.

6. They Speak Negatively of All Their Exes

We're not saying they have to be friends with their exes, seeing as that's also a narcissistic quality, but they shouldn't speak about them negatively all the time. We all have exes we don't like, but we a) don't need to talk about them with a potential partner and b) can save the drama for someone else. Again, don't bring up the past. It'll only make it all the more difficult to move forward in your relationships.

7. They Don't Have Any Hobbies

Everyone has some sort of hobby, even if it's what they do for work. If they don't and don't seem to care, that's just strange and bizarre. This also means they're probably looking for someone to fill that void in their life, which is not how it should be. Another person shouldn't be responsible for the joy you're missing. Take an art class or start hiking.

8. They're Not Close With Their Friends or Family

They may have friends and family to spend time with, but if they've distanced themselves from them for reasons they don't want to discuss, that's not at all a good sign. Sure, some people have family drama that they don't want to deal with and reserve to only spend holidays with their kin (guilty), but not really having any friends is also an obvious red flag. If they can't facilitate close relationships with their family or friends, how are they going to do that with you? Exactly.

9. They Move Too Fast Too Soon

While this may sometimes feel thrilling and all sorts of amazing, it's generally a sign that your relationship won't last. You're cramming as much into your partnership as you can in a short period of time, which will only cause burnout. And when that happens, your relationship will end. It really is okay to go slow.

10. Something Doesn't Feel Right

If your gut is telling you that something is off about the person you're dating, trust it. One of the biggest life lessons we wish we learned sooner is to always, always, always listen to your gut. It is your conscious telling you what you should or shouldn't do, so it always has your best interests at heart. You really do know. And the fact that you wound up here feels like you were already concerned about something. We hope we put your worries to rest or assured you that you need to kick your suitor to the curb.

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