7 Things to Keep in Mind When Dating After a Divorce

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Keep These Things in Mind Once You Start Dating Again After a Divorce

Dating after a divorce is difficult.

Between figuring out when you're ready to get back out there and what you actually want in a partner, there are a ton of things you need to figure out before you can start dating.

Once you do, it's time to put your best foot forward and reenter the dating pool. Now before you dive right in, it's important that you keep these things in mind. If you do so, it'll make dating after a divorce a lot more enjoyable and worthwhile for you.

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1. Only Start Dating When You're Ready

For some, that might be right away. For others, it could take a few years after the divorce to feel comfortable getting back out there. It all depends on you. More of the story, no one can decide when you should get back out there. Only you know when you're ready, so trust your gut.

2. Don't Fall Into Old Habits

If you only dated a certain type (your spouse included), date outside of that. If you tend to do the same things for your dates, do something else. Old habits die hard, but try your very best to not fall into old patterns. You know where that'll lead you? Another divorce. We hate to be harsh, but it's true. Expecting a different result by doing the same thing over and over again is the definition of insanity. Let that sit with you for a moment.

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3. Sign Up for Online Dating

The times have changed. Gone are the days where you could just go out and find someone. Now, that's all done online. So if you expect to meet anyone worth pursuing a relationship with, chances are you'll find them on the web. Don't be afraid to sign up for a dating website or two. There are plenty out there for you and your needs, so get on 'em.

4. Know What You Want

Are you really ready to enter into a long-term relationship? Or, are you looking for more of a fling? Before you start dating, be clear on what you want. Those you go out with will question what you're looking for in a partner, so you have to know before you can tell them.

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5. Date Around

You don't have to date one person at a time. In this day and age, it's more than acceptable to date multiple people at once. Heck, some people are really into that anyway. Though, it's important to be somewhat upfront about the fact that your'e dating around. You don't need to let who you're seeing in on all the details, just make sure they'e aware you're seeing other people and they are allowed to do the same.

6. Do Your Best to Remain Optimistic

Negativity about your situation will make it all the more difficult to change it. It's okay to be upset and a bit down in the dumps, but don't let yourself stay there for long. Stay as optimistic and hopeful as you can about dating and only good things will come. Besides, it's just dating. There's no need to take it that seriously, which brings us to our next point.

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7. Have Fun

We know that's easier said than done, but do your very best to have fun with all of it. Take the pressure off yourself and the entire situation by just getting out there and fully enjoying all dating has to offer. It's not all that serious, so don't make it out to be anything more than what it is. Plus, you've already been through this all once, you sure as hell will know what to do your second go-round.

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