11 Dating After 40 Memes That Sum Up the Struggle Perfectly

Jane Lynch giving Steve Carell a pep talk in 'The 40-Year-Old Virgin'
The 40-Year-Old Virgin via Universal Pictures

Got to love dating after 40, right?

Laugh Off Your Relationship Struggles With These Dating After 40 Memes

We don't know who needs to hear this, but yes, dating after 40 is incredibly difficult.

We've always been told things get easier and better with age, but that doesn't ring true when it comes to dating. It is just as tough (if not, more) as dating when you're younger.

Though your confidence sees a drastic increase, picking a mate from the small dating pool (so small, it's more like a puddle on a sidewalk) requires even more time, energy, and effort than is worth giving. Yet, we still subject ourselves to this torture so we won't wind up alone forever. We want someone buried next to our pre-picked plot, damnit.

All that aside, there's always the option to laugh through your dating woes. If you need a little help finding the humor in all of this, these dating after 40 memes are here to help.

1. It doesn't get more endangered than dating after 40:

2. Got to ask those questions upfront:

3. Backstreet never left:

4. Where words fail, emojis speak:

5. Profile pictures are hard!

6. If only we could find someone at the thrift shop:

7. Anyone else feel this way:

8. We second this:

9. The pros and cons

10. Forget Netflix:

11. And there it is:

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