12 Funniest 'Crazyhead' Quotes From the Show

Crazyhead via E4

We desperately need a second season!

Exorcise Your Demons by Reading These Crazyhead Quotes

Crazyhead was a short-lived E4 series that we're more obsessed with than we should be.

Only getting one season with just six episodes, we want—no, no, we need more. We deserve it, really. The show was brilliant and should've gone on longer than it did.

To prove our point, we rounded up the best quotes from Crazyhead to give you a little taste of all it has to offer. Read through them now!

Best Crazyhead Quotes

  • "The things you see, I see them, too." -Raquel

  • "You're telling me that there are demons running around all over the place?" -Jake

  • "I can't do this without you." -Amy

  • "Ready as a beaver with a chainsaw." -Raquel

Funny Crazyhead Quotes

  • "Well, any friend of Amy's is a friend and potential sexual partner of mine." -Jake

  • "So now I am running towards the flames, head down, balls out." -Amy

  • "You are one slutty little penguin." -Raquel

  • "It wasn't you, you're possessed." -Amy

Iconic Crazyhead Quotes

  • "Denial isn't just a river in Egypt." -Raquel

  • "Do you see me losing my shit and showing myself? No. When I feel it building up inside, I find myself an innocent bystander and beat them to death with my bare hands, and relax." -Callum

  • "You think having a dick makes you immune to danger? Man, be serious." -Raquel

  • "This is all about her." -Farran

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