5 Christian Sex Toy Companies Perfect for Married Couples

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Bring Religion Into the Bedroom With These Christian Sex Toy Companies

Just as vibrators aren't only for single people, sex toys aren't solely for promiscuous couples who don't claim a religion.

Even the most devout Christians can enjoy the addition of toys in the bedroom. All the proof you need is in the fact that these Christian sex toy companies exist.

They've worked hard to provide toys all types of Christian couples will enjoy, no matter how and where you like to get it on. Sex toys aren't a sin, so get acquainted with these companies now!

The Help via Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Covenant Spice

From items for foreplay and oral pleasure to vibrators and cock rings, Covenant Spice has a variety of sex toys any Christian is sure to love. What makes their toys Christian? Well, it's all in the packaging.

"Everything we sell has been extensively researched and scrutinized to ensure it is in classy nudity free packaging and designed to be used together by husbands and wives. We also only order from companies with no ties to pornography. The links on our site, the advice, articles, games and more are all offered to draw you closer in your relationship with your spouse and encourage you to be the husband or wife God intended toy to be," they say on their site.

Christian Love Toys

Christian Love Toys is a site whose products promise to "ignite intimacy for married lovers." They're even owned and operated by a Christian married couple, so whatever they recommend is going to help improve your sexual relationship.

Their mission is "to serve Christian married couples by providing a safe place to tastefully explore sexy toys." What are you waiting for? Explore!


MarriedDance offers a "tastefully curated selection of Christian friendly sex toys and marital aids."

They've been in the business since 2012 and are run by a husband and wife team who have helped many couples bring more intimacy into their marriage. Not only do they provide sex toys, they also offer marriage-centered one-on-one email support.

The Pure Bed

On their site, The Pure Bed notes: "God designed sex for purpose and pleasure in marriage. We celebrate God's design."

You'll find everything from vibrators and adult games to lubes and gels on their clean site, which is run by a pastor and his wife. Everything they offer is discreet and private, and their site is also void of porn and andy nudity.


Though not specifically designed for Christians, Vavven is a sex positive company whose mission is "to help society talk about sex and give them world changing ethical sex values."

With every purchase, you'll help Vavven raise funds for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights. How could you not buy one of everything they sell?

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