7 Christian Sex Blogs Every Married Couple Needs to Follow

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They were all sent by God to help you in the bedroom!

Best Christian Sex Blogs

Yes, Christians can have sex. No, they don't necessarily need to pray to the lord before they get it on or repent for their sins afterwards, especially when they're married.

So if you're a Christian couple partaking in copious amounts of coitus, we salute you. Don't feel as though what you're doing is dirty, because it's perfectly normal and God wants you to, in fact, have sex.

If you don't want to take our word for it, then follow the marital sex advice given to you from these Christian sex blogs. Whether you're having issues with intimacy, lust, devotion, or anything in between, these sites offer all the helpful tidbits you could ever ask for.

Get acquainted with the best Christian sex blogs below and be sure to bookmark them for future use!

via The Marriage Bed

The Marriage Bed

The Marriage Bed is run by a Christian husband and wife team who provides many resources on sexuality, intimacy, and marriage enrichment. They even offer a message forum for Christian couples to discuss their issues among a like-minded community.

"The Marriage Bed provides a Christian alternative for married and engaged couples seeking information about marital intimacy. We combine the truth of the Bible with biological facts to educate, encourage, and minister to those seeking God's best for their marriage relationship."

via Christian Crush

Christian Crush

Christian Crush varies from the other Christian sex blogs on this list in that it's also a dating sight. So if you're looking for someone, you might just find them here. Not only that, they provide some expert advice from Christian marriage counselor Wyatt Fischer.

"Our mission is to reduce the divorce rate through our two branches of ministry. First, we provide one of the best Christian dating sites to help Christian singles find one another to become equally yoked. Second, we provide marriage retreats and marriage webinars to help couples experience true oneness as God intended."

via Unveiled Wife

Unveiled Wife

Unveiled Wife is a personal blog run by Jennifer Smith, who first started the site to seek advice for her relationship woes from other Christian wives. Now, Unveiled Wife is one of the best places to find tidbits on all sorts of topics that'll help your marriage thrive even when times are tough.

"My passion motivating every post is to encourage other women in their role as a wife, focusing on the foundational principles about marriage revealed throughout the Bible. I write on faith, marriage and motherhood… and the occasional random post that may not fit perfectly into one of those categories. My goal is to create an atmosphere where women feel safe to share their marriage experiences, find encouragement and affirm each other."

via The Forgiven Wife

The Forgiven Wife

Chris Taylor is a mother and a wife who created this site while on her journey towards a sexually healed marriage. If you've been refusing your husband sex or haven't made time for him, Chris is here to help you on your own path. She'll be right beside you every step of the way with her blog posts.

"I crawled out of the pit of sexual refusal and control and am learning to dance with desire. As I reformed my wifely self, I faced hard truths. I hurt my husband deeply. But now I am the Forgiven Wife. If you are a wife whose husband is sexually unhappy, let me walk with you for a while. I promise no yelling (well, sometimes, I may have a firm voice)—just understanding and sharing and some virtual chocolate from time to time."

via To Love, Honor, and Vacuum

To Love, Honor, and Vacuum

Sheila Wray Gregoire runs this Christian sex blog for couples seeking to be happier in their marriage. She's written eight books about sex and marriage, so she definitely knows what she's talking about when it comes to the subject.

"So my passion in this life is to help strengthen families—to equip women to be the best wives and mothers they can be, and especially to cultivate marriages that are rock solid. I don't know exactly how I migrated from mostly talking about parenting and marriage to talking about sex, but sometime in the last five years I became the 'sex lady.' And so now I blog and write regularly about how to make sex awesome in marriage!"

via Hot, Holy, and Humorous

Hot, Holy, and Humorous

J. Parker is the mastermind behind Hot, Holy, and Humorous, a site with one of the best names out there. With her writings, she hopes to help Christian couples reclaim their sexualities. Are you ready?

"I wholeheartedly believe that sex is a significant part, and perk, of a godly marriage. I want to help others experience the best sexual intimacy in their marriage they can have, and that comes through believing, pursuing, and experiencing sex as God created it to be."

via Married Christian Sex

Married Christian Sex

A name that quite literally says it all, Married Christian Sex is run by a husband and wife team who write under the pen names El Fury and Sexy Corte. They're pretty fun, if you couldn't already tell.

"On this site we share tips and tricks that we've learned, review sex products, tell some stories, and answer questions from our readers. The site is pretty explicit and we aren't prudish, so if that's going to offend you then you should go elsewhere. The content is also definitely not work-safe or kid-safe. You've been warned."

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