15 Hilarious 'Chewing Gum' Quotes From the TV Series

Chewing Gum via E4

A truly underrated comedic masterpiece!

You'll Spit Your Gum Out While Reading Through These Chewing Gum Quotes

Chewing Gum is one of the funniest shows on Netflix, and severely underrated by the masses.

What started as a play written by the show's star, Michaela Coel, has blossomed into a hilarious piece of comedy more people need to be made aware of. You, dear reader, are obviously well-informed as to how truly incredible this show is, which is likely part of the reason you're here.

You're ready to relive the ridiculous hijinks Tracey gets herself into while on the quest to lose her virginity at 24 years old. Lucky for you, we can offer that in the form of some iconic quotes from the show.

Read through the very best Chewing Gum quotes here and now!

Best Chewing Gum Quotes

  • "My mom was going to name me Alyssa, which means 'sweet angel' in Indian. But, when I came out, she looked at me and she called me Tracey. Tracey." -Tracey

  • "Minions of satan, I command you—leave her! Exit her! Erupt through her mouth and leave her body! Exit! Erupt through her mouth!" -Cynthia

  • "So after you lost your virginity, you started playing Ludo?" -Tracey

  • "Dear god, I pray you send me a man with whom I have a connection, who will release the virginity from my thighs and thus, I will be liberated. Amen." -Cynthia

  • "If the police stop ya, don't panic, okay? They're like bees, if they see you panicking, then they sting ya." -Tracey

Funny Chewing Gum Quotes

  • "Do you have a fuck I can borrow?" -Tracey

  • "I don't know, I don't do cocaine. I'm black." -Candice

  • "What do I do if I need to fart? I'm just aware of how close you are to my bum." -Tracey

  • "If all else fails, get your tits out." -Esther

  • "I use pads, actually. Tampons are for whores. Thanks, Aaron." -Tracey

Iconic Chewing Gum Quotes

  • "I told ya, I have to live with mixed-race people first before I make the full transition. I've never lived with white people before." -Tracey

  • "Can you not laugh that loud please? It's an indication of poor listening skills." -Cynthia

  • "I'm not 17, I'm a grown-up woman. I just regularly make childlike mistakes." -Tracey

  • "Ew, hetero." -Ola

  • "That was easy. Connor replaced me, I replaced him. String!" -Tracey

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