30 Best Charli XCX Lyrics to Use as Instagram Captions

Charli XCX wearing a black velvet bodysuit
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"Always busy dreamin' 'bout boys."

Charli XCX Captions

No other artist writes catchier hits than Charli XCX.

The pop star has released a multitude of bangers over the last couple of years, featuring some truly poetic lyrics.

What we bet you didn't know is that Charli's words also double as some truly unique Instagram captions for all your posts.

We've rounded up some of the best lyrics for you to pick from for your next IG caption, so scroll below to see them all!

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•"Always busy dreamin' 'bout boys." -"Boys"

•"You're the magic in my veins." -"Boom Clap"

•"I just want you to focus on my love." -"Focus"

•"My mama always said I was a problem child." -"No Angel"

•"Coming up until we die." -"Break the Rules"

•"So come on, let's keep doing it like we're doing it." -"Doing It"

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•"What trouble can we find?" -"Famous"

•"We shine when the lights go out." -"Roll With Me"

•"You know the words that got me fallin'." -"3AM (Pull Up)"

•"Love is like a rose." -"White Roses"

•"I keep it sticky-icky like lipgloss." -"Lipgloss"

•"Run through a city at midnight to feel like a star." -"Backsear"

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•"I'm an upgrade of your stereotype." -"Femmebot"

•"Kiss me hard, in the pourin' rain." -Unlock It"

•"'Cause I've been fantasizin' 'bout a Porsche." -"Porsche"

•"Got my darkness." -"Body of My Own"

•"Cute, sexy, and my ride's sporty." -"Vroom Vroom"

•"You guide me through the dark." -"Paradise"

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•"I'm here to take that crown." -"Trophy

•"'Cause we used to be the cool kids." -"You (Ha Ha Ha)"

•"You choke my throat with words of wonder." -"Stay Away"

•"Hope you fall apart." -"Cloud Aura"

•"I don't really care, 'cause I know that I like it." -"What I Like"

•"I want to lock you up inside my heart." -"Lock You Up"

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•"Tell me what's the joy of giving if you're never pleased?" -"Champagne Coast"

•"I'm gonna have to say my vexes." -"Dreams Money Can Buy"

•"You're like the best kind of Novocain." -"Velvet Dreaming"

•"Don't lose your glow." -"Glow"

•"After the after the party we're gonna keep it going." -"After the Afterparty"

•"Angel in the clouds rain down." -"Dreamer"

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