Owning a Cat Offers These 7 Surprising Health Benefits

Holly Golightly sleeping with her orange tabby cat sitting next to her
Breakfast at Tiffany's via Paramount Pictures

So, how badly do you want a cat right meow?

Everybody wants to be a cat.

Well, maybe not everyone, but there have been plenty of people who've thought about adopting a feline friend at least once in their lives.

And how could you not? These fur babies are full of sass and spunk, yet also ready to love on you for the rest of your life. Not to mention, owning a kitty dramatically improves your overall health and well-being.

We know you're as curious as a cat (sorry, had to) to find out what these health benefits are, so keep scrolling to discover seven ways having a kitty in your life is all sorts of beneficial.

The Aristocats via Buena Vista Distribution

1. They Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Newsflash: Stress isn't good for your body. Even bigger newsflash: Owning a cat has been known to reduce one's stress and anxiety levels.

If you don't want to just take our word for it, a 2009 study publish in the Journal of Vascular and Interventional Neurology found that (and then some) to be true.

Even the simple act of petting your cat has been known to reduce your stress levels in an instant.

2. They Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease

Going off the point above, reducing your stress levels puts you at a lower risk of having a heart attack or stroke. In fact, having a feline friend has been linked to decreasing one's risk of various heart diseases by roughly 30 percent. So, in a way, owning a cat could potentially be adding years to your life.

3. They Help You Sleep Better

There's no better feeling than snuggling up with your furry feline after a long, stressful day. While sleeping with them isn't always an option, seeing as they're as independent as one can get, there are benefits to having them in the same bed as you.

A study completed by the Mayo Clinic concluded that 41% of people who slept with a pet in their bed achieved better sleep than those who didn't.

4. They Heal Bones, Tendons, and Muscles

A cat's purr is a magical noise all it's own. It can instantly turn any bad day around, making you feel all sorts of love and warmth in their soothing vibrations.

Turns out, their purrs have been associated with a therapeutic healing ability on human bones, tendons, and muscles. So if you want stronger bones, get a cat.

5. They Boost Immunity

With a cat comes plenty of pet dander and fur. While it's not the most enjoyable thing to be surrounded by, being exposed to it causes and increased resistance to allergens, thus decreasing your risk for allergies and asthma.

This doesn't work if you're already allergic to felines, but if you're not, there's no time like the present to build up your immunity.

6. They Increase Optimism

Cats aren't known for being optimistic quite like dogs are, but being around them does increase energy and positive emotions. Heck, just watching videos of them on the internet has the same effects, as evident in a study by Indiana University Bloomington.

7. They Offer Companionship

No matter how quick you are to state your desire to be by yourself, no one ever truly enjoys being alone 24/7, 365. We agree that being surrounded by humans on a constant basis can be overwhelming, but those same feelings are seldom felt when it comes to pets.

A cat will be there for you when you need them, but they don't require constant attention like other animals. The question is, are you ready to find your forever friend?